Since ancient times, many dishes were acceptedcook in an oven in earthenware, as clay or cast-iron dishes preserve the taste, aroma and vitamins that are contained in the products quite well. After potatoes in pots with mushrooms during cooking stew evenly. The same can be said about baking in foil, during which the dishes are also patted evenly. In addition, the dishes cooked in this way are incredibly delicious and nutritious. Therefore, hereafter we will present several original methods for preparing potatoes in foil and in pots.

Potatoes in pots with mushrooms


  • potatoes - 1.2 kg;
  • mushrooms (can be used pickled) - 350 g;
  • onions - a few pieces;
  • sour cream - 250 ml;
  • cheese - 150 g;
  • butter - 150 g;
  • greenery;
  • pepper black, salt.

Wash potatoes, peel and cut into slices. Then chop the onion rings. Mushrooms are best used pickled, you can take honey. Open the jar of mushrooms, merge the marinade and put them together with the potatoes and onion in the pots layers. This should be done so that each pot has a pair of onions and mushrooms. Now preheat the oven to 210 degrees (no more). While she is warming up, mix sour cream with salt, spices to taste and spread over pots. Cover each pot. You can use oiled paper, which tightly close the pots.

Potatoes in pots with mushrooms are placed inoven and cook for about 40 minutes. While the dish "sings", you should grate the cheese on a grater and divide the butter evenly into pieces as many as the pots are prepared. For 15 minutes before the end of cooking, you need to carefully remove the covers and lay out the butter and sprinkle with cheese each pot.

Pepper so as to serve the dish on the table, you need to add a pinch of finely chopped greens to each pot. Potatoes in pots with mushrooms are very fragrant, delicious and tender.

Potatoes in foil with mushrooms

This dish is quite popular and is prepared in almost every kitchen. Products for cooking:

  • potatoes - 1 kg;
  • onion - a pair of pieces;
  • mushrooms - 300 g;
  • cheese - 150 g;
  • sour cream - a few spoons of canteens;
  • salt, nutmeg.

Potatoes must be boiled in a uniform,cool, peel and cut into circles. Then chop the peeled and washed bulbs and season with butter. Mushrooms are best used by white or champignons. They should be cut and sauteed with onions, then add a little salt and nutmeg.

Now prepare the foil, folded in two layers. Lubricate it with vegetable oil in small quantities and place the potatoes, sprinkle with salt and spices to taste. Then lay the mushrooms, once again a layer of potatoes. Now grease with sour cream, sprinkle with grated cheese and bake for about 40 minutes (190 degrees).

To this dish salads from fresh vegetables perfectly approach.

Potatoes in bacon

This recipe looks rather original. As a result, you get a very tasty and beautiful dish that will decorate any festive table.


  • potatoes - 10 pieces;
  • bacon - 300 g.

To prepare the sauce:

  • butter;
  • flour - 1 table spoon;
  • broth - 200 ml;
  • sour cream - 100 g;
  • salt pepper;
  • lemon juice - 1 table spoon.

Potatoes must be boiled in a uniform, thencool, clean. Now cut the bacon into thin strips so that their number is twice as much as the amount of potatoes. Now lay out two strips of bacon and wrap each potato in it. After that, all the potatoes in bacon are put in a baking dish and placed in the oven for 12 minutes. Everything is prepared at 200 grams.

Now let's start cooking the sauce. It is necessary to heat the oil in a saucepan, add flour and stir so that no lumps form. Add the broth to the mixture and bring it to the boil. Then remove from heat and add sour cream, salt, lemon juice, pepper.

When the potatoes are ready, take it out of the oven and pour the sauce, then put another 8 minutes into the oven. Prepare the dish with herbs.