Potatoes with mushrooms in a multivariate preparedpretty quickly, but it turns out very satisfying. It should be noted that no one can refuse this dish. After all, with the right heat treatment and suitable ingredients, this dinner becomes incredibly aromatic and tasty.

Stewed potatoes with mushrooms: a recipe with a photo

potatoes with mushrooms in the multivariate

Necessary ingredients:

  • sunflower oil - 45 ml;
  • red pepper - 1/3 spoons;
  • champignons fresh (other fungi possible) - 150 g;
  • bulbs small - 2 pcs .;
  • potato tubers medium - 5-8 pcs .;
  • salt iodized small - 1 spoon;
  • Fresh fennel and parsley - along the bun;
  • carrots large fresh - 1 piece;
  • filtered drinking water - 1.3 cups;
  • dried basil - 5 g;
  • mayonnaise and ketchup for serving to the table.

Process of processing (frying) of mushrooms and vegetables

Thinking about how to cook potatoes withmushrooms? To begin with, you should buy fresh champignons and wash them thoroughly. After that, the ingredient is required to be chopped on the plates along the legs, put into the kitchen unit and fry with the use of sunflower oil for 10 minutes (in baking mode). To potatoes with mushrooms in the multivark turned out more fragrant, it also needs to add fresh large carrots and onions. To do this, vegetables need to be cleaned and washed, and then chopped into small cubes. After pouring into the mushrooms, they should be fried for about 5-10 minutes.

potatoes with mushrooms prescription with photo

Processing of the main ingredient

Potatoes with mushrooms in the multivarquet will be muchtastier, if for the preparation of such a hearty dish to use only young and fresh products. They must be rinsed in water and peeled. Shinkirovat tubers is recommended for medium cubes, straws or circles.

Forming and quenching dishes

After the mushrooms, onions and carrotsthey will be covered with an appetizing crust, they should be laid with cut potatoes. Next, all the ingredients are required to mix with a large spoon, and also sprinkle with the necessary amount of iodized salt, dried basil, red pepper, fresh chopped dill and parsley. In addition, it is recommended to pour 1.3 cups of filtered drinking water to the formed dish.

how to cook potatoes with mushrooms
Cooking potatoes with mushrooms in a multivariateshould be extinguished for about 50 minutes. For the specified time, the main ingredient will become completely soft, and it can be safely laid out on the plates.

How to properly serve the table

Ready-made dish in the form of potato stewFrozen mushrooms should be served only in hot condition. Also, it is required to present wheat bread, fat mayonnaise and hot ketchup. For a beautiful design of this dish, it is recommended to use parsley leaves or chopped leeks.

Useful information for housewives

Potatoes in such a kitchen device asit is possible to extinguish not only mushrooms, but also with such ingredients as chicken fillet, pork, lamb, beef, sausages, sausages, fish and so on. In any case, with proper preparation, your dinner will turn out delicious and very satisfying.