With the development of modern technology has emergeda huge variety of unique products, bearing a decorative effect. And to such goods you can safely refer thermochromic paint. They are great for creating souvenirs and unique household items. Also, they have proven themselves in the creation of children's dishes, because they are able to report the temperature of food. In general, the scope of use of thermochromic products is quite large, and every year it is increasingly poured into the everyday life of modern people. Unique properties of paint allow to apply it anywhere, because it does not harm a person and can perform both decorative and practical functions.

Basic information

In the composition of thermochromic paints are containedspecial pigments that react to changes in temperature. That is, when it comes into contact with a hot or cold object, the paint completely changes its appearance. Each pigment is a microcapsule, which, in fact, provokes a discoloration, affecting the whole object as a whole. The range of temperature influence is quite large. Depending on the goals that the person pursues, the paint can change at a temperature from -15 to +70 degrees.

thermochromic paint
There is a reversible and irreversible thermochromicpaint composition plays a major role in this classification. In the case of reversible after the temperature of the object has returned to normal, its appearance will be restored. In the second type, the pattern shown under the influence of heat or cold will remain for a long time. Usually choose the option where the effect of heat or cold paint disappears or, conversely, manifested.


Such paints do not harm human health,they are non-toxic, do not contain radiation or other harmful substances. The range of their application is quite wide, as they are chemically stable and perfectly combined with other chemical media, for example, with printing inks, resins, plastic or rubber.

Range of impact

If the reaction of the paint occurs at a temperaturebelow 20 degrees, then basically such a dye is used as an indicator for soft drinks or other foods that must be served cold. In other words, putting the bottle in the refrigerator, a person will be able to determine when it will cool sufficiently, according to the label, which shows the color change.

color change

With a reaction temperature range of 29 to31 degrees of paint is mainly used for things with which the human body is in contact. For example, it is perfect for creating modern unique T-shirts that change their color from touch. Also, thermochromic paint is ideal for advertising booklets that call a person to touch them, and then additional information appears from touch.

If the paint reacts to hot temperatures,exceeding 43 degrees, it is ideal for cups and other utensils intended for hot drinks and food. She can play as a decorative role for a souvenir, so be a warning character.


Basically, similar paint is applied to products made fromtextiles or ceramics, less often - plastic and glass items, quite rarely - on paper. Recently, it has also appeared possible to apply thermochromic paint to cars. This allows not only to improve the appearance of the machine, but also to reduce the heating of metal on hot summer days. In addition, it is ideal for those who like the dark color of cars, but do not want the salon overheated in the summer.

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The most popular option, where usedthermochromic paint, became a pattern on ceramic and glass mugs. Almost every man at least once in his life was given such a dish, where when pouring hot drinks lost or appeared part of the image. Also this development has found its application in clothing. In addition to interesting decorative and gift options, such things can warn about freezing or rising body temperature. Similar patterns are also applied to overalls.

Thermochromic paint has found its application inproduction of goods for children. For example, there are signal signs on dishes and bathing toys that tell you what the temperature of food or water is. On many drinks that are worth drinking chilled, the marks made with this paint are also used. They can be applied to the bottles and cans as well as to the labels.

thermochromic paint composition

A further advantagethermochromic paint, - price. It is quite low taking into account the properties of this material (1500 rubles for a 25-gram jar, which is enough for a long time). Such solutions attract customers and are an excellent advertising move. Fashion magazines and literature of an advertising nature also often use paint that changes color at different temperatures. Another sphere of application of thermochromic dyes is the creation of protective elements on drugs and cosmetics.


It should be noted that thermochromic paint is extremelysensitive to ultraviolet light, so experts do not recommend storing it in places where there is direct sunlight. Practice shows that from the sun exposure the product loses its properties literally in a week. In addition, the paint is exposed to external factors, so when using outside it is recommended to apply a layer of UV-protective varnish over it. Thanks to this, the products will last longer.

Method of use

The main thing that should be considered when mixingpaint, this is what effect you want to get in the end. For example, as for oil and water bases, then it is worth adding from 5 to 30% of the main component, but if the paint is applied under pressure, then no more than 5%. In this regard, before starting the production of the series, it is worthwhile in any case to test the equipment and to check how much the quality effect is obtained in the end.

printing with thermochromic paints

Printing thermochromic paints is extremely simple andnon-waste, while the effect of it is memorable. And if you carry out all the protective manipulations with an additional layer of coverage, then the image will be durable and reliable.