Concrete coatings must be protectedfrom negative environmental factors, as well as give them the properties of increased resistance to pollution. It is to such requirements that the paint for concrete for outdoor work must match. The composition should guarantee the buildings not only a beautiful appearance, but also a sufficiently long service life.

Paint for concrete for outdoor applications is simplemust meet certain requirements. It is worth saying that at the moment there are no universal coatings. Different products have different purposes, composition, application technology, as well as consumer properties. The main quality, which must necessarily have paint for concrete for outdoor work - strength, which helps prevent its peeling.

Paint for concrete for outdoor use

So, to compositions of this kind the following requirements are made:

- the temperature range in which the coating is able to demonstrate the best of its qualities is very important, which should be taken into account when carrying out the work;

- the extent to which the glossy layer is saturated, not only does the attractiveness of the resulting coating depend, but also the absence of stains, divorces, and other defects;

- such an indicator as resistance to abrasion, which allows to ensure durability, is important;

- paint for concrete for outdoor work shouldprotect the reinforced coating from corrosion; to avoid leaching, it is necessary to apply the composition in a month after the final solidification of the surface;

- the availability of antibacterial components as a part of the protection against mold origin and dissimilar fungi.

Paint for concrete for outdoor use

Paint for concrete for outdoor work shouldto possess and other equally important characteristics, such as moisture resistance, resistance to weathering, resistance to mechanical and chemical influences, thixotropy, spreadability, drying speed, ecological compatibility. The paint composition typically includes a variety of components that allow adhesion, color, consistency, and special properties. Depending on the binder, taken as a basis, it is possible to classify a family of paints: polyurethane resins, drying oils, lime, polyacrylates and the like. Previously, vinyl products were particularly popular, and today leadership belongs to acrylic paints. Most often facades are treated with acrylic paint based on latex, which allows to tighten microcracks, withstand significant temperature changes, maintain its structure under the continuous influence of external factors. Polymer paint for concrete has important properties that make it possible to use it under any external circumstances.

Polymer paint for concrete

It is worth saying that the most stringent standards for this product are in the US, therefore, paint and varnish products of their production are considered to be the safest in the world.