Probably, it is almost impossible to find such aa man who would not watch the film "Fathers and Grandfathers." Actors could very realistically show the viewer how easy and simple it is possible to solve love and everyday problems, how to learn to grope the threads of mutual understanding.

On the plot in one apartment there live three at oncegeneration of the Onion family. A cheerful and energetic grandfather, retired, wants to prove to everyone around him that he is capable of much more. At a minimum, arrange your personal life. The old man's son does not support this decision in any way. After all, it is too late for Grandfather to seek a lady of heart. However, the senior Lukov does not intend to surrender.

The film "Fathers and Grandparents": actors

So, more in detail. Why does the viewer like the film "Fathers and Grandfathers"? Actors played a significant role in this moment. Men's roles went to: Papanov Anatoly (senior Lukov), Smirnitsky Valentin (son Pavel), Yasulovich Alexei (younger Luka Lyoshka), Lazarev Evgeny (Nikolai's friend), Nikolai Trofimov (grandfather's friend Semyon Ilich), Andreev Vadim (bulldozer Mikhail) Merlylickin Nikolay (Natalia Vityok's husband), Korenev Stanislav (chairman of the commission of the executive committee), Malyarov Yuriy (militiaman), Bryleev Valentin (member of the housing commission), Gorlov Nikolay (domino player), Andreev Vladimir (runner), Inina Arcadia (another member housing commission). Female roles were played by: Polish Galina (Lusia's mother), Arinina Lyudmila (Vera Sergeevna), Kuznetsova Lydia (Natasha's saleswoman), Bobka Ira (daughter Vitka and Natasha Mashenka), Maria Piskunova (Masha).

Selection is very successful. Therefore, a huge number of fans won the film "Fathers and Grandparents." Actors gave their best when shooting "one hundred percent".

fathers and grandfathers actors

The most pleasant impressions

What do viewers say about the picture? According to them, the film "Fathers and Grandfathers" leaves the most pleasant impression after watching. The actors gave people great pleasure in their game twenty-five years ago. But still the picture can not leave anyone indifferent. "Hurray" with their roles coped with everything. Especially the viewer, as a rule, singles out the work of Anatoly Papanov and the brilliant Lesya Yasulovich. Well played and the rest of the actors. In general, as always, in good-quality Soviet films.

fathers and grandfathers actors and roles

For lovers of lyrical comedies

In short, if you like good funfilms, you will not be disappointed by Fathers and Grandfathers. Actors and roles fit each other perfectly. This film is kind and funny. He is looked at with pleasure even today, although we live in a completely different era. Undoubtedly, our grandchildren will also remember the film. This masterpiece of Soviet cinema can not be assessed, no matter what your age.

The film is really capable of raisingmood. This is a real work of art. The performance of the main role of the great tragicomikom makes it even funnier and simultaneously touching. Papanov is a rare talent. He was able to so subtly control all his inner possibilities that the spectator himself feels involvement with what is happening in the picture. The film is capable of provoking both a sincere smile and a tear in the corner of the eye.

Such actors as those who played in this magnificent film, people are never forgotten. Having looked at the picture once, you will be happy to revise it again and again.

the actors of the film are fathers and children


We sum up. Actors of the film "Fathers and Grandfathers" really tried to make a name for shooting. The film turned out to be very life-loving and energetic. Much, of course, depends on the scenario. However, you can not argue with the excellent work of the actors. They were able to do everything to make the film deserve the recognition of TV viewers, remembered and fell in love with them. You can even have no doubt that from watching the film you will be completely delighted.</ span </ p>