"Tango and Kesh" - a comedic action movie with a very interesting story. A film of American production, shot by Russian director Andrei Konchalovsky.

History of creation

Andrei Konchalovsky, who emigrated to America, worked on low-budget paintings. And when he was offered to remove the gunman, he gave his consent to correct his precarious financial situation.

Konchalovsky fully thought through the images of the heroes. It was he who decided to show on the screens not Stallone-Rambo, but Stallone-the intellectual. The director took a responsible approach to the filming of the film "Tango and Kesh." Actors unquestioningly fulfilled his instructions.

tango and cache actors

However, the producers of the film doubted the successpaintings and removed the Russian director shortly before the end of filming. The film was finished by American Albert Magnoli. Critics immediately noticed that the director was replaced. In their opinion, the ending of the militant turned out to be crumpled and awkward.

The film "Tango and Kesh" was released in 1989 and earned at the box office more than sixty-three million dollars.


The film became a classic of the genre of militants propolicemen. They were called Tango and Kesh. The actors perfectly coped with the task of portraying two rivals for work. As in many American fighters, two men are at the center of the story, figuring out which of them is steeper. Constant rivalry spurs policemen on aspiration to expose a gang of drug dealers. But soon they themselves fall into a trap and find themselves in prison. A man was killed, and among the accused were Tango and Kesh.

Actors coped with the directed directortask. On the screens the viewer sees two completely different in character characters. They even dislike each other, but to save their reputation, the heroes will have to unite and act together, because they decided to flee the prison.

Subtle humor, an action-packed story and excellent stunts are typical for the film "Tango and Kesh." The actors harmoniously fit into this story.

film Tango and cash actors


The main roles went to two stars of Hollywood - Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell. Such a policeman can be entrusted with his security.

Stallone performed the role of Raymond Tango,judicious and calm person who always weighs every word of his. Russell also got the character of Gabe Cash, who is constantly at risk and likes to improvise.

The film "Tango and Cash", the actors in which they could realize all the ideas of the director, became almost the standard of this kind of film work.

Also in the filming was attended by Teri Hatcher, Jeffrey Lewis and Saveliy Kramarov.