On the question of what to cook from minced meat, the answer can be unambiguous. Anything, from unusual chops to original soups.

You need to start with the fact that it is undesirable to use ready-made minced meat from the store when cooking dishes, since only the correct preparation of it will "lie" in the basis of the meat stuffed meat product in the future.

Therefore, we will describe the process of preparing thesemi-finished product. Depending on what kind of preferences, you can take pork, beef or chicken. Send the meat to the meat grinder. Be sure to add a few bulbs and a little garlic. Thanks to these ingredients, the dish will be especially fragrant and fragrant. Now you need to start the "kneading" of minced meat, adding a small amount of milk, eggs, pepper and salt. This is not a reservation, since only with the condition of thorough mixing and "beating" of minced meat can excess air, and the ready dish will be more lush. Adding the same milk will make the dish more juicy. Thus, minced meat will need to be processed within ten minutes, so that it has a uniform structure and quietly retires from the hands. Now you can proceed. What to cook with minced meat? Let's start with the most beloved option - it's cutlets.

Cutlets "Baby". In the process of cooking, it is recommended thatAdd more soaked white crumb to make the dish soft. Children really like that minced carrots, or chopped finely juicy peppers, were present. Cutlets "Baby" is recommended to make small (a variant of small meatballs), fry them well, pour a little milk and cook until finished under the lid.

Cutlets "For Men". This dish should be nutritious and high-calorie. Minced meat should be cooked without adding bread and leave a little "rest". Now you need to cook a few small hard-boiled eggs, cool them and clean them. From the stuffing to form large cutlets so that the egg is inside. Now, from the top, fry them in a deep saucepan with a metal handle. During this time grate the cheese finely. Each cutlet can be anointed with mayonnaise and sprinkled with cheese. The dish is baked in the oven until it is ready. What to cook from minced meat, except cutlets? A good option is making soup.

Soup with meatballs "Italian". Mince of veal cook, as usual, butit will be necessary to add basil and bread. All kneaded and form a small meatballs. Now you need to make a vegetable dressing: chop a cube of celery, carrots, onions and fry with olive oil. Add them to a pan of cold water, bring to a boil and boil for a small fire for about fifteen minutes. At this time, cut into half-rings fennel, zucchini and savoy cabbage. Put these vegetables in a saucepan, reduce heat and cook all about forty-five minutes under the lid, then remove it and continue cooking for half an hour. Be sure to boil the meatballs in a separate bowl and put them in the soup. It remains to bring the dish to the ready state and turn off the fire. Soup should be served with basil pour, which is prepared in a blender of basil, olive oil and parmesan.

A delicious and unusual dish will be a minced meat pudding, which has a lot of options.

Casserole "Delicious". For its preparation it will be necessary to form fromminced large meatballs, fry them in a deep saucepan without a handle, add tomato slices, chopped finely onion, garlic and mugs of a young zucchini (or champignons). Vegetables and meat should be prepared. Then they need to be poured with a mixture of eggs and mayonnaise and sprinkle with grated cheese. Bake the dish in the oven.

What to cook with minced meat, other than these dishes? There are many options. Read and create!