"Burger King" (Burger King) - the American networkfast food restaurants, the main course of which are hamburgers, which is reflected in the name. At the moment the network includes about 12 thousand restaurants in 76 countries around the world, including in Russia. In Petrozavodsk "Burger King" was opened in 2013 year.

history of the company

The founders of "Burger King" - Keith J. Cramer and Matthew Burns, who were inspired by the success of McDonald's (to date, these networks have a very similar menu, which makes them direct competitors). Initially, the company was called Insta-Burger King, and only 7 years after its founding, the name was reduced to the last two words on the initiative of other owners who conducted the global redesign.

Burger King Petrozavodsk

Business started in 1953 with two Insta-machines -furnaces for cooking burgers. After 13 years, the network had 250 restaurants in the US and was sold to new owners, who made significant changes to the design and menu. The brand Burger King has been repeatedly sold and bought, since 2010, the owners of the network is 3G Capital, based in Brazil.

Burger King in Russia

In Russia, the first restaurant was opened in 2010. In 2017, they are already 373 - 192 in Moscow, 47 in St. Petersburg and 134 in other cities.

Burger King Petrozavodsk

Burger King in Petrozavodsk has 2restaurant. One of them is located at ul. Anokhin, 41 (shopping complex "Aura"), and the second - on Lenin Avenue, 14 (shopping center "Maxi"). The usual mode of operation of Burger King in Petrozavodsk, which is shared by most restaurants - is from 7:30 to 22:00. Individual points can be opened only at 9:00.

Burger King Petrozavodsk mode of operation

The basis of the "Burger King" menu is made up of burgers -hamburgers, cheeseburgers and chickenburgers. The most popular dish is "Vopper" - a classic burger with beef, vegetables and mayonnaise sauce. In general, the menu is standard for all large chains of fast food restaurants, such as McDonalds, KFC and others - french fries, nuggets, chicken wings, soda, ice cream and several varieties of salads.

Promotional code system

As in all restaurants of the chain, in Petrozavodsk Burger King, there are always some actions that allow you to receive discounts for orders.

"Burger King" has an official application forsmartphones, which can be downloaded for free in the AppStore, Google Play and Windows Store, depending on the operating system of the device. After registering in the app for various activities (for example, invite friends and invite them to enter their promotional code), points are added that can then be exchanged for burgers, French fries, a drink or something else.

Burger King menu

In addition to the annex, in the Burger King inPetrozavodsk can use ordinary paper coupons that are on the information desk, ask the cashier or print it from the official website. Paper coupons have a limited period of validity, but they can save up to 50 percent.

You can also get a bonus plastic card"Burger King", activating it by phone number. After that, bonuses will be credited to the card, a few percent of the amount of each purchase (1 bonus is written off as 1 ruble), which can be partially paid for the following orders.

You can also refill your card balance with cash oncash desk (the minimum amount is 300 rubles). Cashback grows as the total amount of all purchases increases, it can be 3 (immediately after registration), 5, 7, 10 and 12 percent.