In our time fast food has become a part of life. According to statistics, men instead of homemade food made by the hands of a mother or wife, prefer burgers from McDonald's. But why are sandwiches from this restaurant considered to be the best? We'll figure it out!

History of McDonald's

The history of the famous restaurant chain began inforties of the twentieth century. The founders of the burger production company are Mac and Dick MacDonald. It was in honor of themselves that they named their first restaurant.

At the beginning of the career, a burger brought a largeincome, but because of the development of fast food chains, competition with other restaurants has arisen. But everything changed the revolutionary approach! The brothers developed their own concept: instead of waiters, customers serve themselves. In addition, you can eat outside the restaurant, taking a burger with you in a paper bag. The menu of dishes was reduced, and the staff of the employees was increased. This allowed to reduce the price of burgers in McDonald's from 30 cents to 15.

Initially, the MacDonald brothers did not want to createa network of restaurants, but Raymond Krok helped to decide on the opposite. He also popularized McDonald's in all the states of America. By the end of the twentieth century burgers "McDonald's" appeared on the tables of all continents.

McDonald's burgers

Modern "McDonald's"

In Russia, McDonald's appeared on January 31, 1990. Since that time, many things have changed, but the taste of burgers has remained the same.

In any McDonald's there is a Wi-Fi that allowsusers check mail and communicate on social networks when they are waiting for an order. In addition, access to the network is open, you do not need to order food to see the password from the wai-fay in the check.

In order not to stand in line, special terminals are used in McDonald's, allowing you to place an order quickly and easily. Just choose a dish and drinks and pay them with a bank card.

Each restaurant has its own uniqueatmosphere. In the hall there are comfortable chairs, soft armchairs and large tables. Dine with this restaurant will be a good decision. In addition, if you want to enjoy a burger in the car, then it is for you that the "MakAvto" service is built. Thanks to him you can order dishes without leaving the car.

McDonald's takes care of visitors, souse only natural products. All used oil from fryers goes to the production of biofuel for machines. Cardboard and paper must be processed and later used several times.

Also, the restaurant helps people to self-launching various contests. For example, most recently in Ukraine there was an action "My burger" McDonald's ", where everyone could demonstrate their culinary skills.

my burger makdonalds

Why is "McDonald's" popular?

As noted in the beginning of the article, most people prefer McDonald's, and not other fast food restaurants. But why are they so fond of him?

First, the restaurant became a classic of fast food. It's no secret that there is a huge number of fast food outlets, but it's McDonald's that is one of the first. Classics are trusted, so they love her so much.

The variety of burgers allows visitors to find a dish to their liking. Also, the number of variations increases every year. This is a real burger mania "McDonald's"!

Burger Mania McDonald's


It's no secret that McDonald's isthe most significant in the fast food market. Her main competitor is Burgen King, who also specializes in the production of burgers. But who is cooler: "McDonald's" or "Burger King"?

To argue about the taste sensations is useless! Most burgers consist of the same ingredients, so the taste is similar!

But, unfortunately, the prices vary ... The analogue of the well-known "Big Mac" - the burger "Vopper" costs 15 rubles more. A small portion of french fries will also be expensive - 70 rubles! There are also the merits of the restaurant "Burger King" - every visitor has the right to pour an unlimited number of drinks. That is, buying a glass of Coca-Cola, you get more than half a liter of drink. Profitable proposition!

Burgers from McDonald's are cheaper than from KFS. The restaurant "KFS" prepares dishes only from chicken, no beef and pork! Which of them is more delicious - it is difficult to find out, so "the taste and color - the markers are all different." Someone prefers chicken in deep-fried, the other - beef on the grill.

create your McDonald's burger

Think of your burger!

In 2017 in Ukraine there was an action "My burgerMcDonald's. The competition involved 150 thousand people, but the winners were revealed only two. They were Nadezhda Linkevich and Alexandra Vazhova. Since May in the Ukrainian menu will be new burgers from McDonald's. This is "Ariburger" and "Fresh Chicken Cheese".

It turns out to create your burger "McDonald's"easily! The "Ariburer" includes a roll of white flour, tomato, lettuce, marinated cucumbers and beef cutlet. Sandwich "Fresh Chicken Cheese" is more refined, because its ingredients: bun with sesame, yoghurt sauce, cucumbers, Emmental cheese and chicken cutlet. Sounds appetizing, does not it?

The contest "My burger" allowed the company to know the tastes of their customers. We are sure that when developing a new sandwich they will be taken into account.

How to create your burger "McDonald's" at home?

Here are the recipes for standard cheeseburgers and hamburgers. After all, many would like to cook McDonald's burgers at home!

McDonald's or Burger King

For an original hamburger or cheeseburger from"MacDaK" we need a special bun. It can be bought at the grocery store, but if they are not on sale, there is another option - bake them from a yeast dough. You can replace the bun with plain bread, after making a toast out of it. Cut the loaf, put the beef cutlet on it, add onion and marinated cucumber, grease with ketchup and mustard. The classic hamburger is ready! If you want a cheeseburger, then include a piece of melted cheese in the composition.</ span </ p>