Everyone on our planet has at histhe body of a mole. Nevus is their scientific name. On average, 20-40 dark spots can be present on the human body. As a rule, they do not bring much trouble and unrest. But there are situations when the nevus strongly interferes and there is a risk of it being damaged. At such times, it becomes necessary to remove it. But to which doctor to deal with birthmarks, not everyone knows.

to which doctor to treat with birthmarks

When to visit a specialist

Before asking the question, to which doctorto deal with birthmarks, it is necessary to understand in what situations the consultation of specialists is required. After a nevus under certain conditions can turn into a malignant tumor. So, when the trip to the doctor is inevitable:

  1. The pigmented spot on the skin is asymmetric.
  2. The edges of the birthmark are uneven. In a normal nevus, they are neat and clearly marked.
  3. A small wound on the mole bleeds very badly.
  4. The nevus became a different color. As a rule, benign formations do not change their shade.
  5. The size of the pigmentation spot began to increase gradually. Under normal conditions, this should not happen.
  6. The surface of the mole became rough, peeling and cracking. In such cases, you may experience unpleasant sensations, such as burning or itching.
     birthmarks to which doctor to apply

To what doctor to address in occasion of rodinki

So, if the nevus is gradually changing, thenit is worth to visit a doctor. After all, these phenomena indicate that the body has been launched processes that contribute to the development of skin cancer. In this case, the people's means will be useless. Cope with the disease will help only a specialist with extensive experience.

If you are concerned about birth marks, which doctor should you contact? In every clinic there are all kinds of specialists: cardiologists, dermatologists, therapists, ophthalmologists and so on. Who of them is able to help?

Moles are pigmented spots,created from cells with a certain pathology. It follows that the first step is to visit a dermatologist. This specialist also deals with the therapy of diseases associated with skin. The dermatologist must conduct a primary examination with a dermatoscope, send the patient to the test, and then make a diagnosis. Only after careful examination of the nevus dermatologist will decide which specialist of a narrow profile should be sent to the patient.

which doctor removes moles

who is next

If the birthmark is not dangerous and it is notyou need to delete, then you can watch it at home. In this case, the nevus does not threaten the health and life of a person, nor is it melanomooparous.

But to any doctor to show a mole, if shedegenerates into a malignant tumor? In such a situation, a dermatologist can direct a patient to such narrowly specialized specialists as an oncologist-mammologist, oncodermatologist, and surgeon.

to which doctor to apply for a birthmark

What the surgeon can do

So, to which doctor to treat with birthmarks,figured out. If there are no narrowly specialized specialists in the clinic, the dermatologist can direct the patient to a surgeon after a primary examination. Only he determines in what way the therapy of the neoplasm will be carried out. It is worth noting that the solution depends on the specific case. Most often, an operation is performed, during which the excision of the birthmark occurs with a scalpel. This method is radical and at the same time indispensable.

It should be noted that in cases where the neviis a malignant, the surgeon can remove not only him, but also all those formations that can trigger a relapse. After that on the body, most likely, there will be scars and small scars.

There are other ways of treating the problematicnevi. For a long time already applied the method of laser surgery, as well as electrocoagulation of neoplasms. Of course, such procedures are conducted only on a fee basis. But after them there are no scars and scarring. Now you know which doctor removes birthmarks. As practice shows, it is not worthwhile to contact cosmeticians with a similar problem, as they are not engaged in the treatment of diseases.

Specialists of a narrow profile

What to do if the body hasmalignant moles? To what doctor to address in that case? Most often refer to a consultation with the oncodermatologist. This doctor specializes in skin diseases caused by pathology. The most dangerous and widespread disease is melanoma. After conducting a thorough research, the specialist makes a decision, remove or leave the birthmark.

what kind of doctor to show a birthmark

If the nevus is located in the dairy areaglands in women, then they should be examined by a mammologist. He also conducts all necessary studies, including histological. Consultation of a dermatologist and mammologist allows you to determine whether a birthmark is so dangerous. However, it should be remembered that not every nevus is able to degenerate into a malignant one. However, the woman should be examined at least once every 6 months.


What kind of doctor should I treat my birthmarks, ifclinic there is no dermatologist? In this case, you can consult a therapist. If the nevus has a problem, then the pediatrician should be contacted for help. If the mole has begun to regenerate and its appearance raises doubts, then do not rush to cosmetologists. In such situations, its careful investigation is required. In beauty salons this is not done. In addition, the cosmetologist has no right to remove such nevi. It is better not to neglect your health, but immediately seek help from a doctor.