State support as a parentcapital provides an opportunity for families to improve housing conditions, purchase real estate on credit (in mortgages), pay for the education of children and not only. Dispose of allotted funds can be after the child reaches three years of age. Before the beginning of this period, it is possible to early use the family certificate for making the first installment of a loan / mortgage for residential real estate or for repayment of the remaining debt on an existing loan, which was also issued for the purchase of real estate. Buying a house for maternity capital is a convenient and often the only option for families to purchase or improve their housing conditions. In many ways, this program of state support was extended until 2018.

maternity purchase

Buying a home for maternity capital: conditions

You can send family certificate funds toacquisition of real estate. In 2016, this amount is more than 450 thousand rubles. As with any other event, buying a house for maternity capital has its own characteristics and nuances, which will be discussed further.

  1. The house must be adapted for living inany time of the year: there must be relevant documents confirming this. "Dacha" options do not fit - to purchase such a building it is impossible to attract government support.
  2. The land on which the house is located,should be classified as "Land for individual construction." Otherwise, in obtaining support from the state in the acquisition of such a house will be denied.
  3. At the expense of state supportto acquire a land plot for the further erection of an apartment house. Since the empty lot is not suitable for living, it is impossible to regard its purchase as an improvement in living conditions
  4. In order to purchase a residential house for maternity capital was possible, you need a contract of sale with the current owner.
  5. Purchased housing should be divided into sharesbetween all members of the family. In order to fix their readiness for the division of real estate, one should notarize this obligation and provide it together with other documents to the pension fund at the place of residence.
    purchase of a house under a parent's capital

Where can I go to use maternity capital?

Redirection of state support fundsoccurs through the separation of the pension fund. You should go there, taking with you the list of documents, which is given below. We draw your attention to the fact that, depending on each situation, this list can be changed. Details should be specified directly in the representation of the FIU at the place of residence.

documents for the purchase of a house for maternity capital

Documents for the acquisition of a house using the means of maternity capital

In order for the pension fund to cover part of the cost of housing, it is necessary to provide a number of mandatory securities. The family will have to collect the following documents for the purchase of a house for maternity capital:

  1. An application of a standard form (you can fill out the application in advance by downloading the form on the official website of the department or in the FIU office).
  2. A document certifying the identity of the family representative who submits the application and copies of this document.
  3. SnilS.
  4. Certificate of state support.
  5. Certificates of birth of all children and their copies.
  6. Copy of the contract for the purchase of residential property.
  7. A copy of the document confirming the fact of ownership of the purchased residential real estate.
  8. Help with information about the amount that still needs to be paid under the contract of sale.
  9. A notarized document confirming that it is planned to register real estate in the common share ownership.

With this set of documents, you should visit the representation of the pension fund at your place of residence. The period for considering such a petition will not exceed 30 days.

Buying a house on credit with the help of state support

In case you can not use onlytheir means to purchase a house, you can use the services of banking or credit organizations and apply for a loan. At the same time, it is important that at the same time you can not get a loan from a bank and state support funds for a certificate.

purchase of an apartment house for maternity capital
At the moment, a family certificate for a loan can be used as a first installment of a loan or as an amount for repaying a debt on an already existing loan.

When can I use a certificate to buy a house?

It is not necessary to wait for the child's three-year age- for such a case, early use of the funds allocated by the state is available. To use maternity capital as an initial installment on a home loan is theoretically possible, but in practice it is rather difficult to do this. The main difficulty is that there are very few credit and banking institutions that are ready to accept the certificate as the first payment. Even if it is possible to find such a financial institution and issue a loan to buy a house for maternity capital, then most likely the interest on the loan will be slightly higher than when making the initial payment by own funds. A much more successful option is the use of own savings to pay the first installment and the transfer of maternity capital to reduce the amount of debt on the loan.

home loan

Loan for maternity capital for the purchase of a house: an instruction for registration

In this case, the scheme looks somewhat simpler:

  • it is necessary to apply to a bank or a credit institution and arrange a loan there using own funds to pay the first installment;
  • to purchase residential property, having received a document certifying the ownership of residential real estate;
  • apply to the Russian Federation representative office in the placeresidence for the purpose of writing an application for the transfer of funds for the repayment of a part of the loan, at the expense of which the house was purchased for maternity capital;
  • having received a positive decision after considering this application and obtaining the necessary information, you should contact the bank to clarify the further actions.
    maternity loan

The final stage

When applying to the pension fund after writingapplications should take with them all the same documents that were listed in the section "Documents for the acquisition of a house with the involvement of state funds. support "and an agreement with the bank. Also, you should get an extract from the credit institution that indicates the existence of the debt and its amount. After all documents have been submitted to the RF Pension Fund, it is necessary to await its decision, as in the first case, the period of consideration does not exceed 30 days.

Buying a house for maternity capital will take a lot of time, but using this form of state support, you can repay part of the debt on housing loans.