OSAGO is a compulsory insurance policy,which every road user should have. If the driver does not have a policy, then he is an offender, and he can be punished for driving without insurance. Although an administrative violation in the form of a fine scares far from all drivers, hitting an accident without insurance, you can earn yourself problems. In the Code of Administrative Offenses there is a fine for driving without a policy in the amount of 500-800 rubles, but the size of the penalty depends on the details.

chastisement for driving without insurance

Types of violations

Punishment for driving without insurance for the driver may be different. It all depends on what specific reasons he does not have a policy. The driver can be punished in the following cases:

  1. Polis is not with him, but he exists (at home, for example).
  2. The insurance did not take shape at all.
  3. Driving on a car with an overdue policy.
  4. The driver's data behind the wheel are not inscribed in the policy.

Any of these cases is considered an offense.

When the driver forgot the policy of the house

Inspectors of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate often stop drivers who do not have an insurance policy.

penalty for driving without insurance

Unfortunately, under the new rules, riding without insuranceeven because of forgetfulness makes the driver an offender. In this case, he will need to pay a fine of 500 rubles. However, in the event that a good and understanding inspector gets caught, the driver can get off with a simple warning.

With the development of IT technology, purchase insurancetoday is very easy. This can be done online, but you can not forget to print the document, otherwise, even in this case, the penalty for driving without insurance will follow.

Can I not arrange insurance at all?

Without exaggeration, we can say that manydrivers ignore the law and do not buy a mandatory insurance policy. This is primarily caused by the desire to save money, but this savings is doubtful, since the penalty for driving without insurance will block any savings, and this is only a minimum.

Not only that for driving without a policy to the driverwill have to pay 800 rubles fine, so it still awaits serious trouble in the event of getting into an accident. And if he was still the culprit of the accident, the situation becomes even more complicated for him. At a minimum, you will have to repair all the damage yourself.

driving without insurance new rules

When riding without insurance and inspection is possible without punishment?

There is only one case when you canTravel by car on the roads of Russia without an insurance policy and even without a vehicle inspection. This is a 10-day period after the purchase of the car. In this case, you can even drive without numbers and STS. Inspector of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate is sufficient to show a purchase agreement or a certificate-check on the purchase of a car. This document must be the date of the purchase. From this date the driver has 10 days to set up the car for registration, registration of the MTPL policy, obtaining of numbers and registration of the certificate of registration of the car. On the eleventh day after buying a car, the traffic police inspector can recover from the driver a penalty for driving without insurance, numbers, STS.

driving without insurance how much is fine

Therefore it is recommended to put the car on the register right after purchase.

Use of an overdue policy

It is impossible to draw up a policy forever, this documentalways has a limited period of validity. After the expiry of the term, the legal force of the policy is lost. Note that riding with overdue insurance is unacceptable, and punishment for this is provided for by the Administrative Code of Russia. The driver in this case is fined 800 rubles.

Many drivers do not follow the expiration dateinsurance of OSAGO. Usually problems with overdue arise from drivers who have been driving a car for many years. Earlier (until 2009), the driver could ride another 30 days from the date of expiry of the insurance policy, and during this whole period the inspector of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate could not issue a fine, since this was not considered a violation. Then it was believed that 30 days - this is a normal period for the extension of insurance, but today such a norm does not exist. Yes, and insurance can be obtained in just one day.

Management at a time when insurance is not valid

Many drivers actively use the car in the summer,and in winter put it in the garage. Therefore, they take out insurance only for the period from March to November, for example. But what if there is a need to go by car in the winter? Nothing new. The driver is simply fined, since it is like riding without insurance, the punishment for which follows in the form of 500 rubles from the driver's purse.

When the driver data is not entered in the document

The situation in which one caruse different drivers, is not a rarity. And in this case, it is necessary to inscribe all drivers who drive the car in the insurance policy. When drawing up the policy is available 5 graph, where you can enter the data of drivers. This allows us to conclude that one insurance policy can apply to five people. It is difficult to say what the inspector will do if he finds a driver driving a car whose data is not inscribed in the policy. Perhaps he will not make out the protocol, because in fact the car is insured. But by law, the driver, whose data is not available in the insurance policy, will have to pay 500 rubles.

riding with overdue insurance

Decrease of the amount

In the new rules, riding without insurance is punisheda fine, but the driver has a chance to reduce the amount of penalties. Some changes that will be considered later in the legislation give such a possibility to the offender.

So, if within 20 days to pay a fine, thenyou can save 50% of the penalty. Consequently, with a fine of 800 rubles, the driver in fact will be obliged to pay only 400 rubles within 20 days from the date of the decision. This is really a driver-friendly change that is positively perceived by road users and reduces the likelihood of giving and receiving bribes, since the inspector has no sense in risking such money, and it's easy for the driver to pay a small fine.

Also worth noting that previously practicedRemoving license plates of the car and evacuating it to the penalty area. However, in 2017, the absence of an insurance policy can not be an excuse for evacuating a car to the site and depriving it of license plates.

driving without insurance and inspection

Punishment for legal entities

Often, drivers use transport that belongs to a legal entity. Individual entrepreneurs and company owners are required to make a policy for each car separately.

Some drivers are sure that if theygo by car belonging to the firm, then worry about the policy of OSAGO should the company executives, but in fact it is not. In the absence or delay of the policy, the fine is imposed on the driver of the car, which is behind the wheel of the car at a particular time, rather than on its owner. The owner of the vehicle does not bear any responsibility for this. Of course, the driver will later require the owner to compensate the amount he will pay as a fine, but this does not concern our topic.


Now you know what kind of driving without insurancea penalty, how much time and under what circumstances you can use the car in the absence of a policy. It's difficult to add something else. You can only give valuable advice to drivers: do not save on the insurance policy, because his absence can eventually result in a round sum spent on compensation for damage to all injured persons. Registration of insurance will ensure peace of mind while riding.