Today we will try to understand with you howput the background in the Steam profile. In fact, this is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance. True, it is necessary to clearly understand what it is. That is why now we will begin to deal with this topic.

how to put a background in the profile of steam

What is it?

But before you put the background in the Steam profile,let's look at what we'll be dealing with. After all, this is very important, especially with respect to a variety of applications like what we are currently using.

It's no secret that "Steam" is a tradearea. And on it, buying games, and also having some merit, you can get special cards. Some of these cards get free backgrounds for the profile.

If you are thinking about how to put the background inprofile Steam, then, most likely, the usual design of the page bored you. Our today's object is a certain design of your page in the application. It is visible to you and your visitors. A very useful thing, especially if you decide to put some rare background. This will show everyone your consistency, and sometimes achievements. Let's see how to put the background profile of Steam.

Obtaining an object

The first thing that is only required from the user -this is to get the necessary "picture" for the installation. Here, frankly, there are several approaches. One of them is very difficult, confusing and incomprehensible. But the second one is simpler, but at the same time costly.

how to put a profile background steam

The first scenario is the receiptrandom (random) background. Typically, this happens when you collect all the collectible cards from a toy. After that, you do not have to think long how to put the Steam profile background in the game. Only here the receipt of collection cards - the occupation is not so simple.

The second method is the purchase of "pictures" ona special trading platform "Steam". Here you can easily find something special, and then buy. Next, you can think about how to put the background in the profile Steam. By the way, all purchases are made on the official website of the program. Now that we have found the picture, let's try to install it in our questionnaire.


Well, here it is time to get down to business. After you have downloaded the necessary background image, you can easily install it in your profile.

To do this, start the client program, and thenplease go through the authorization process. Now we have to visit the settings. Click on the inscription "profile" in the client, and then select the line we need today.

how to put a profile background steam in the game

A window will open in which we will work. In the left part, look at the "Appearance" or "Interface". Click on it. Here all actions will take place. Find the "Design of the client" and select the desired picture from the drop-down list and save the changes.

In addition, you can try to authorizeon the site "Steam", then go to the profile settings and find there "decoration". If you have any backgrounds available, then tick the box "Use background" (or something like that), then select the desired theme. Save the changes. That's all. Now you can update the page, restart "Steam" and enjoy your achievements.