plaid knitted patchwork
The technique of patchwork or patchwork is knownlong. As a rule, it is associated with colorful motley gizmos from the grandmother's trunk. However, modern designers offer many ways to apply this style in creating clothes, as well as items for home comfort. For example, you get a great plaid patchwork style. The hooked thing has its own unique charm. It would be nice to wrap myself in it and read a book on a cold winter night under the warm light of a floor lamp.

How to make a thing in patchwork style

There are a lot of models and variants. When creating such a blanket or bedspread, you can show all the wealth of your imagination. First, separate fragments are mapped. They can be laced or tight knit. It is not necessary to observe their sizes. They can differ in color: bright, contrasting, variegated. Sometimes even various elements are used. This is the essence of the patchwork style. Plaid, crocheted, as a result comes out original. Each fragment is created from different in color threads, and then all the "patches" are stitched together. There is another kind of scrappy technique. It is called "enterlac". The thing does not stitch together from individual pieces, but is immediately and completely, but in it it is consistently changed without breaking the thread. Therefore, the result is similar to a mosaic.

Drawings and patterns

plaid patchwork crochet

Craftsmen create real pictures, from whichwarmth and comfort. From their hands comes a plaid knitted (patchwork - one of their favorite styles), consisting of fragments that are different not only in color. They can be decorated with patterns or drawings. Organically it looks like a thing that combines black, white and brown squares with braids, rhombuses and snowflakes. For knitting, both knitting needles and a hook fit. In one product, you can combine fragments created by both methods. But, as in any other case, one must adhere to certain rules. So, a patchwork in patchwork style, crocheted created, should not be overloaded with patterns. It is necessary to observe a harmonious combination of colors.

We knit an openwork plaid crochet

patchwork plaid crochet

Very gentle and airy will get a veil,bound from the remainders of the yarn. For the basic tone, single-color threads are required, they need a lot. But for drawing squares you can use any other shades. A lot of patience requires a patchwork patchwork. Hook, equal in thickness to the selected yarn, you need to tie a circle of four air loops. Tie it in columns with a crochet. Then, with the other threads, make three air loops. Then you need to tie between each column of 2 with a crochet, separating them with an air loop. Repeat this way for another yarn next row, but do 3 posts each. In order to get a corner, you need to take the threads of the main color. Make three air loops. Then three pieces in one arch: columns with a crochet, air loops, columns with a crochet. Then repeat the drawing as in the series below, evenly distributing it and not forgetting to form a square. As a result, a lot of variegated fragments with a pattern similar to flowers will be obtained. Now they have to be sewn or tied together. There will be a wonderful plaid patchwork style crocheted, laced and warm. When the work is finished, you need to cut off the remaining threads, wash, dry and iron out the wrong thing.