Cash plays a major role in the economyany country. All economic and business entities regularly conduct transactions and make transactions using cashless and cash funds. That is, it is a tool that allows to develop economic relations and expand to enterprises.

If we talk about this concept in scalethe cash assets of the enterprise include both cash and resources in various bank accounts of the firm in the bank, and money related to decentralized reserves that contribute to the improvement of the company's work and to caution against losses in unforeseen situations.

In addition, monetary assets are the most importantan indicator that characterizes the effectiveness of all types of enterprise activities. After all, they allow you to calculate the indicators of profitability, liquidity and solvency. The large amount of money resources in the organization indicates a high degree of its liquidity, and therefore, the ability to timely pay off counterparties for obligations.

Thus, it can be said that monetaryfunds must be carefully planned. Their rational distribution by funds and competent use in financial, production and investment activities provides a stable income for any enterprise. The main task of a specialist is the organization of activities, in which timely payment of debts of debtors will ensure repayment of the debt of the business entity to creditors.

State-wide fundsare also the most important characteristic of the country's economic situation in the international arena. The government together with the national bank regulates the amount of money held by the population and in the calculations of economic entities. The amount of cash depends on demand and supply in the market. If the situation creates a significant increase in supply over demand, then automatically increases the rate of inflation. The uncontrolled nature of this process on the part of regulators can lead to the destruction of the banking system and the strongest crisis in the economy.

Modern money for the most partare signs of value, which, in turn, are divided into loan money and paper money. The sign of value means a currency whose nominal value is much lower than the funds spent for its production. That is, such money does not have real security, and their treatment is based on the public's confidence in the state.

Previously, money could only be called coins,made of gold and silver, but they are inconvenient to use, therefore, banknotes have been introduced. Indeed, paper money is much more convenient. They are easier, even a larger amount can be transferred without much difficulty and discomfort. Since the inception of credit relations, credit money has developed. At present, they are the main means of payment in settlements between different counterparties. Bills and checks are considered to be the most common, since they have been functioning successfully for many years. This means of payment is a security, the possession of which allows you to receive the specified amount after a specified period of time.

Recently, settlements withusing bank cards, and their owners can be both physical and legal persons. Allocate debit, requiring prior deposit of funds to the client's settlement account, and credit cards that allow the bank to take an amount within the limit on debt. The benefits of such cards are undeniable, it is really a convenient and easy to use calculation tool. The only drawback may be the need for special equipment, which in our country can not be found everywhere.