Starting to think about the design of a wooden houseinside, do not forget that the natural tree must still enter into its base. Only his texture will help create this special style and atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the house. So you need to try to maximally keep the wooden surfaces in its original form. It is not necessary to glue the wallpaper and plaster the walls, and also to cover with panels. There is an opinion that everything is fine in a wooden house, and you should not try to decorate the interior even more. But we tend to try to change something and redo it in our house. Then it is necessary to choose for finishing the same natural materials, as well as the tree itself. So the design of the wooden house from the inside will be organic and not pretentious. By the way, there are some interesting stylistic solutions, which seemed to be created for such housing.

design of wooden houses inside


The design of wooden houses inside in this style is likewould repeat the tradition of the times of Ancient Rus in the design of housing. On the walls and ceiling of the house, a special floral ornament is applied. Today it is just a tribute to the traditions, and earlier it was a kind of protection from evil forces, the patronage of the god Rod. On the walls will always be appropriate paintings with a picture of nature and still life. It is advisable to pick up the interior items in the same style. Massive cabinets, trunks and chests of drawers will be an organic complement to the interior. As, however, and carved furniture from a tree. All that is filled with beauty and carries a good quality, will be an ideal setting for a house in this style.

Alpine lodge in the distance from the Alps

design of a wooden house inside

Style "chalet" came to us from the alpine villages,where tourists like to relax. The design of wooden houses, inside of which everything is pacified with peace and quiet, decorated in this style, presupposes the presence of wood and stone. Open beams on the ceiling of a solid massif and a fireplace made of stone are considered simply an integral part of the "chalet". Furniture may well be modern, but certainly aged and covered with patina. So the interior will look more organic.

Design of wooden houses inside: Scandinavian style

The decoration of the room in this style somehowfalls out of traditional ode to a tree. Here there are all the shades of snow and ice, which help make the room bigger and lighter. Therefore, the walls, floor and ceiling are subject to mandatory finishing in light colors. But the tree is present in an environment: furniture, decor items and even photo frames must necessarily be made of this material. No other style combines heat and cold at the same time, but this is also its zest.


design of a wooden house inside a photo

This style was originally an ode to all naturaland rough. And for a wooden house it fits as well as possible. There are no fine lines of carving, there is no lightness of flying fabrics, no light tones. Everything in the environment is good, natural and close to nature. But at the same time, the design of wooden houses inside the rustic style is filled with warmth and comfort.

English style

Design of a wooden house inside, a photo of whichyou can see in any magazine about the interior, should be classically reserved and at the same time refined. This is the interior design in the English style. A light tree of walls and floor perfectly harmonizes with dark furniture made of valuable wood. And carpets and gilded accessories give it a touch of sophistication and luxury. This style is out of time and out of fashion.