Choice of battery for the car, despitenumerous recommendations, remains open to many drivers a problem. Obviously, this car device is not eternal. The reasons for this can be very diverse.

As a rule, this is a combination of such factors astemperature fluctuations, inadequate charging and others. Probably, every driver realizes that choosing a new battery is a responsible process. Some of them prefer to trust professionals in the service center, who will pick up and replace the device. But if there is a desire to save money, then this problem can be solved independently. The only thing to note is the following recommendations.

How to choose a battery for a car and what should I pay attention to?

Manufacturers offer a huge number of batteries. You can find a great selection on AKBauto, where their different types are presented. In this case, the following recommendations should be considered:

  1. Initially, you need to read the instructions,which is attached to the car. Typically, it indicates the parameters that the batteries should be suitable for a particular vehicle;
  2. One of the most important characteristics thatis taken into account when choosing a battery - this is an electrical capacity. This is the name of the quantitative indicator of electricity that the battery will give in the state of prolonged discharge;
  3. Quite often, car manufacturers themselves indicate which type of battery is suitable for this car. This greatly simplifies the problem of device selection;
  4. It will be necessary to pay attention to overallbattery size. This is its width, height, and length. Why is it necessary to pay attention to this? In the car for the battery a special place is allocated. Obviously, what problem can arise if you lose with the choice of battery. The battery can be measured without problems independently. Otherwise, the consultant will help you to find the necessary dimensions;
  5. When choosing a battery, the value has a type of stigma. There are several types. They are American, Japanese and European;
  6. It will also be necessary to take into account the conditions under which the car will be operated. First of all, it will affect its capacity;
  7. Manufacturers develop specificallybatteries that will be used in bad roads. For them, a special technology is created, which promotes stronger fixation of plates in the battery.

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