Of course, pregnancy is wonderful! But it is characterized not only by pleasant months of expectation of the baby. Pregnancy can present women with other peculiar surprises. Nausea is one of the manifestations of pregnancy. Let's see why it makes you sick during pregnancy.


Why during pregnancy does it make you sick? Morning sickness, vomiting, heartburn, constipation - all these are unpleasant signs of toxicosis. The cause of toxicosis, and therefore, nausea, is an increase in the production of hormones during pregnancy. And believe me, not one of you this happened. Now we must learn to cope with nausea and minimize its manifestation. In this she will help you. Watch, make notes about those days when you feel nauseous, and those days when nausea is not observed. So you will understand, that it is possible to do or make, and as itself it is not necessary to conduct, that not to cause once again a nausea.

Nauseous at pregnancy? Advice

  • Before going to bed, leave something light near your bed that does not deteriorate from food. It can be a sandwich with cheese, a cracker, a slice of bread. Then in the morning you can eat this food without getting out of bed.
  • Dairy products, of course, are very useful during pregnancy, since they contain calcium, which is needed by pregnant women. But they can intensify the nausea.
  • Do not save food in the stomach! Try to eat in small portions, but more often.
  • Drink more water! The liquid helps the digestive system to work faster.
  • Do not get up very sharply after eating and do not lie down right away. Try to stay upright after eating.
  • When a pregnant woman is sick, green tea, juices, vegetarian soups can help her.

In addition to the natural cause of nausea duringpregnancy (an increase in hormones, a change in the hormonal background), there may be others. Did you know that nausea during pregnancy contributes to malnutrition even before the woman became pregnant? Another reason why nausea is pregnant - may be hiding in past diseases of the uterus and genitals. Endocrine and neurologic disorders during pregnancy can also cause nausea. And stress is the fastest way to earn a strong toxicosis - nausea in pregnancy. Therefore, take care of yourself, try to be calm, do not take everything to heart. By the way, judging by the conducted researches, women with the desired pregnancy are much less likely to suffer from toxicosis.

Do not worry too much about nausea. Scientists say that this is a normal process for a pregnant woman. But also to suffer it it is not necessary, follow advice, talk to the doctor.