The most important question that worries all parents is the health of the future baby. Therefore a question, whether it is possible to do a roentgenography to pregnant women, will always remain vital.

Fluorography and pregnancy

The greatest effect of radiation is obtained by cells,having the ability to share. During the period of division, they are practically defenseless against the damage of external factors, including radiation. In the future baby the cells, in contrast to adult cells, actively divide, and this applies to the cells of all organs. If a woman receives radiation at the very beginning of pregnancy, then pregnancy will not develop. Therefore, experts recommend doing fluorography to women during menstruation, in order to have the lowest probability of pregnancy.

There are situations when a woman is pregnant andtime monthly, usually she does not know about it and undergoes a fluorographic examination. In this case, it remains to hope only that the focus of exposure was at a great distance from the uterus. Immediately after you learn about pregnancy, take a special test to identify abnormalities and pathologies of fetal development.

Fluorography cabinets in Russia practicallyeverywhere changed equipment for fluorography equipment of a new type. But there are also polyclinics that use old equipment, so you need to undergo a medical examination at once!

X-ray examinations are made pregnantstrictly only in cases of extreme necessity. In this case, the survey is carried out at the end of the second trimester, yet this period is more safe for the child.

The law on fluorography for pregnant women

In this issue there is also a legal aspect, in other words the law on fluorography for pregnant women.

  • First, such surveys are conducted with the use of all possible means of protection of absolutely all organs.
  • Secondly, the radiation dose should be no more than 1 mЗ. A large dose is prescribed only by medicalindications in the above case. Usually they are prescribed for the diagnosis of diseases of severe forms, such as diseases of the digestive system, pelvic area and urogenital tract. In such cases, unfortunately, offer to interrupt pregnancy.

Sometimes the question arises whether it is possible for the mother to dofluorography examination if she is breastfeeding a newborn. We have already said that this kind of radiation is dangerous only for the baby in the womb. Therefore, no harm to your child such a study will not bring.