Many of us are familiar with the words "stearin", "paraffin"and "Ozokerite". However, not everyone understands what they mean. All of the above substances are oil products, which resulted from the decay of animal and vegetable products that existed on our planet many centuries ago.

Ozokerite, the application of which is associated with itsmechanical and thermal action, is a natural material. It is a natural mountain wax, having an oil origin. In terms of its physical properties, ozocerite is a wax-like mass. Depending on the degree of cleaning, it can be black or yellow, green or white.

ozokerite application
Ozokerite, the application of which covers the samearea, as in the use of paraffin, unlike the latter, can also have a chemical effect. This ability of mountain wax is carried out at the expense of substances in its composition, which are biologically active. These elements penetrate through the skin of the patient, providing a reflex action, affecting the metabolic processes and the state of the nervous system. Normalize the active substances lymph and blood flow, and also have a beneficial effect on the organs of internal secretion.

Ozokerite, the use of which is safe, possesseshigh heat capacity and low thermal conductivity. That is why when it is applied there is no likelihood of burns. During the procedures, heat transfer is poorly expressed. The temperature characteristics of the layer of ozocerite and skin are close in their values. At the same time, ozocerite warms deep deep tissues well enough.

ozokerite applications

Ozokerite, the application of which is very versatile,used in injuries and pathologies of the musculoskeletal system. It shows mountain wax with hepatitis and pneumonia, colitis and pleurisy, gastritis and thrombophlebitis, as well as with various skin diseases. Ozokerite applications positively affect the nerve endings. In this case, anti-inflammatory and antistatic effect appears, as well as regeneration of tissues. These procedures have analgesic, vasodilating and resolving effect.

Ozokerite, the application of which is possiblein several ways, can be used by layering. At the same melted to 55 degrees of mountain wax on a specific area of ​​the patient's body is applied with a brush. After the formation of the protective layer, ozokerite is applied on top, brought to 70-80 degrees. To preserve the temperature, the area of ​​application of natural wax is covered with a blanket or a film.

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The next option for using ozoceriteare medicinal baths. They are used only for feet or brushes. With this method, after applying the first layer and forming a protective film, a part of the body is lowered into an oilcloth bag filled with molten mountain wax, brought to a temperature of 60 degrees.

Treatment can be madenapkin-application method. With this method, the area of ​​the body on which the natural wax will be applied is covered with napkins soaked in molten ozocerite. The temperature of the two layers is different. The first - 50-55, and the second - 60-65 degrees. There is also a cuvette-application method, in which a pellet of ozocerite, prepared in a special form, is placed on the skin.

Has ozocerite application reviews indicatingon some contraindications to its use. Procedures with mountain wax are not prescribed for heart diseases that are acute, with hypertension and bronchial asthma. It is forbidden to use ozocerite in malignant and benign tumors, tuberculosis, tendency to bleeding, as well as in acute thrombophlebitis and severe liver pathologies.