Identified spastic constipation impliesThe presence of difficulties in the natural work of the gastrointestinal tract. As a rule, the cause of its occurrence is the appearance of small cracks in the anus or the development of hemorrhoids. The main symptom of the presence of such a problem in the human body is a rarity of bowel movements or daily bowel movement in the form of solid nuts.

Spastic constipation is not accompaniedorganic disorders in the intestine, just in any place in the colon there is a spasm, because of which the slag becomes difficult to pass on. So the whole system of the gastrointestinal tract is disturbed. Thus the person can observe the general deterioration of a status, including loss of working capacity and internal discomfort.

To cause the development of this disease canviolations of processes in the body of various kinds, for example, endocrine system disease, neuralgia and even an unstable psychological state. Sometimes for a specialist it is extremely difficult to identify the cause, in order to eliminate the source of the problem. Until now, doctors have not come to a common opinion about the common signs of diagnosing constipation. For example, some believe that there is a spastic constipation in the event that the bowel movement occurs once every 3 days and has a dry character. Some scientists, in turn, argue that a portion of food eaten within eight hours should be completely eliminated from the body naturally within 40 hours, and a deviation from this norm can be diagnosed as constipation.

Spastic constipation: symptoms.

First of all, the patient notes the sensationdiscomfort in the abdomen, as a rule, there is swelling and a slight tingling of the intestine. Symptomatic manifestations of constipation include mood swings, rapid fatigue of the body (it becomes impossible to concentrate for a long time in one case), aching headache, in rare cases - lack of appetite. It's not a secret that under the influence of external factors, that is, nervous breakdowns and constant emotional stress, spasmodic constipation and its symptoms can develop in a pronounced form.

Spastic constipation: treatment.

If you contact a doctor in time,special work will be able to save the patient from such an ailment. It is usually recommended to comply with bed rest, it is advisable to keep the body warm, you can use a heating pad. Striking effect have turpentine baths, as well as baths with the use of essential oils. For the period of treatment it is best to give up all massage procedures, try to reduce physical activity.

As a supplement, but not the main onesome medications are prescribed. Laxative tablets and powders are exceptionally mild. The same effect can be achieved by substituting sugar for sorbitol, as it has a serious laxative effect, but in small doses gives the desired result. If a person drinks tea and coffee without sugar, then the sweet drink will seem completely tasteless to him. In this case, it is recommended to cook jam from natural fruits, but instead of sugar, again, use sorbitol. The use of this jam should be limited to 2-3 tablespoons a day.

The best treatment for spastic constipation iselimination of spasm in the large intestine, and for this purpose, drugs are prescribed, relaxing muscles, for example, atropine. Be sure to begin to intensively take vitamins, in particular, vitamins of group B, a large number of which are contained in wheat grits of various grinds, are useful. You can stimulate the work of the intestines by using freshly squeezed juices. And of course, you should follow an elementary diet and adhere to proper nutrition.