In folk medicine, widespreadThe phenomenon is the use of sea-buckthorn, the fruits of which help get rid of many diseases. In most cases, the juice of the berries is used for the treatment, sometimes, however, infusions and decoctions are indispensable.

A few hundred years ago, our ancestors activelyused sea buckthorn oil in the occurrence of a variety of situations associated with their health. These traditions have remained to this day, in addition, pharmacology greatly simplifies the treatment with this tool, making sea-buckthorn candles.

This drug has positivecharacteristics: it includes natural sea-buckthorn oil with the addition of solid fats, which allows you to give the drug the right consistency.

Doctors prescribe to their patients sea-buckthorn candlesas a wound-healing agent in focal lesions of skin and mucous membranes. Mostly candles are used in gynecology and proctology, sometimes in dentistry. For women who testify to some gynecological diseases, such as erosion of the cervix, endocervicitis, colpitis and other diseases, it is advisable to use suppositories from sea-buckthorn. Proctologists, in the presence of cracks in the anus, also prescribe treatment with this drug.

But still, like any medicine,sea ​​buckthorn candles can have side effects that are set individually for each patient. In order to avoid the occurrence of unpleasant consequences before treatment, it is advisable to consult with a specialist. In case of serious illnesses or untimely treatment, it sometimes becomes necessary to apply sea buckthorn candles repeatedly, but it is necessary to sustain an interval of a month and a half.

When gynecological diseases need to applyone suppository twice a day, preferably at night, as they can cause discomfort. With proctology - one candle twice a day for the entire treatment period, which on average is 7-8 days.

Effective cure for hemorrhoids at differentthe stages of its course are the sea-buckthorn candles. Due to the regular application of suppositories, pain, itching, burning, inflammatory processes in the anal area are quickly eliminated, and its walls are significantly strengthened.

Due to its use in manufacturinga medicinal product of only natural products, doctors prescribe sea-buckthorn candles during pregnancy and breast-feeding, as there is no danger to the health of the baby sea-buckthorn.

Sea buckthorn oil has a rather wide range of applications:

  1. In diseases of the stomach and intestines, especially with ulcers, it is useful to drink every day one spoon of sea buckthorn oil.
  2. Sea buckthorn oil quickly heals the wounds of variousorigin. To do this, it must be dripped onto a diseased area of ​​the skin and bandaged. In case of infected skin damage, the wound must first be treated with peroxide or an antibiotic.
  3. Children suffering from anemia or dystrophy,pediatricians recommend to enter the berries of a curative plant in the daily diet, and also to brew young shoots and drink throughout the day in unlimited quantities instead of tea.
  4. In inflammatory processes of the maxillary sinuses, it is necessary to boil the sea buckthorn oil, cool and drip into the nostril immediately for 4-5 drops.
  5. Dentistry uses sea buckthorn oil forstomatitis, as well as inflammation of the mucous membrane of the mouth and gums. To do this, too, you need to brew young plant leaves and drink like tea in large quantities.
  6. With erosion of the cervix instead of sea buckthorn candles, you can use cotton swabs, soaked in sea-buckthorn oil. The medicine must be injected into the vagina at night.

Experts argue that the drugs, which include sea-buckthorn, far superior to the medicinal properties of many medicines containing chemicals.