Such a symptom of a disease as a cough is knownevery person. It appears almost always when an inflammatory process develops in the body. It has to be treated long and tediously, but its consequences in the form of a dry infrequent cough can be observed even for 6 weeks after recovery. Quite often the cough is accompanied by such an unpleasant and annoying "neighbor" as sputum. When it appears, it is necessary to consult the doctor without fail, since it can be a symptom of a rather serious and dangerous disease.

Cough and phlegm

So, what is cough and phlegm? Why do they arise and is there any relationship between these processes?

Cough itself is simply a reflex act, in which foreign particles and sputum are released from the respiratory tract.

Sputum is a secret that is produced by the bronchi and trachea.

Allocation of mucus is a completely normal process. It occurs in the respiratory tract and is designed to protect the bronchi and lungs from ingress of foreign particles, dust and all that can cause the inflammatory process.

In addition, mucus is a real "piggy bank" of cells of the immune system that are able to fight disease-causing bacteria.

Therefore, the daily allocation of mucus is consideredabsolutely normal process and does not require treatment. The appearance of a cough accompanied by sputum should be regarded as the first "bell" of the inflammatory process in the body.

sputum white

Both coughing and phlegm arise from the appearance ofcertain irritants of the respiratory tract. Depending on the pathology and course of the disease, cough and sputum can be altered. So, cough from dry, unproductive can turn into wet. Sputum can change its color and consistency. It is important to know that it is the type of sputum that is important in establishing the focus of the disease and the appointment of treatment, taking into account the color of the secretions from the respiratory organs.

Types of sputum

Sputum produced during cough has a differentconsistency: it can be thick, viscous or liquid. For example, viscous sputum appears with a disease such as pneumonia. But the inflammatory processes in the respiratory tract make phlegm from viscous to liquid. In this case, its viscosity directly depends on the total amount of mucus in it.

Depending on the type of disease, sputum can change its color and composition. So, it can be:

- green or yellow-green (appears whenpneumonia, bronchitis, influenza - accompanied by a dry cough that quickly enough turns into a cough with phlegm; sputum may contain minor purulent impurities);

- transparent (for example, with asthma - accompanied by wheezing and dry cough, thick mucous discharge can form);

- bloody (with crayfish and swelling of the lungs - cough, in which sputum contains blood veins and pus, and cough becomes chronic in this case);

- bright red (with a mild infarction - accompanied by a painful cough and phlegm with red blood splotches);

- yellowish-brown (with abscess of the lungs - accompanied by a painful cough, in which sputum can be traced blood clots and purulent small lumps);

what white sputum is talking about

- white (with fungal lesions of the lungs - accompanied by a cough, in which the sputum can have purulent inclusions).

Was transparent, and became white

Slime, which is secreted by the lungs and bronchi,is initially transparent. The existing impurities add a certain color to the phlegm. If the sputum is white - it means that it has such extraneous connections as:

- fungal pathogen in respiratory organs;

- Kurshman's Spiral.

In the first case, atypical pneumonia is meant, in which the foamy sputum gets its white color due to white lumps. The more these clots, the more intense the color of sputum.

white sputum when coughing

Kurshman's spirals are white corkscrew formations. Similar sputum accompanies an allergic or infectious cough.

Thus, sputum white can accompany only a limited range of diseases. At the same time, only a qualified medical officer can make an accurate diagnosis.

It is important to know that changing color is always accompanied by additional symptoms. Among the similar it is necessary to carry:

- Pain in the thorax;

- Loss of appetite;

- rales in the process of breathing;

- shortness of breath;

- Complication of breathing in general.

These symptoms never appear in the human body just like that. Their appearance should alert the patient and encourage him to go to a specialist as soon as possible.

What does white sputum say?

Slime, formed in the lungs and bronchi, initially has no color. The appearance of this or that color occurs under the influence of various impurities. So, what does white sputum say?

Sputum white with a cough is obviousa sign that too much mucus has accumulated in the airways. This mucus is formed due to the development of a certain disease. Thick white sputum when coughing indicates the presence of a cold in the body, an allergic reaction (for example, dust or chemical vapors), pneumonia, asthma or bronchitis.

sputum white

Sputum white, having a curd consistency, indicates that there is a fungus in the respiratory organs. Also, such sputum may indicate tuberculosis.

Sputum white may contain small bloody fibers. Most often this indicates a pulmonary complication, which appears due to damage to the vessels of the larynx during a cough.

Thus, white sputum when coughing (especially in large quantities) is a clear sign of the development of one of the following diseases:

- pulmonary edema;

- Chronical bronchitis;

- asthma;

- viral infections of the respiratory tract (tuberculosis).

There is sputum, but there is no coughing

It happens and such that constantly tormenting cough assuch is absent, and the person continues to torment white sputum for a long time when coughing. The reasons for this are increased production of the transebronchial secretion or a violation of its excretion. These reasons can arise because of the following pathologies:

- Acute and chronic sinusitis (thick white sputum accumulates in the throat and drains over the nasopharynx, cough is absent);

- pharyngitis and all possible forms of this coursediseases (with these ailments - sputum white or transparent, the patient suffers constant perspiration in the throat, sometimes a rare dry cough may occur);

- chronic tonsillitis (this diseasearises because of the presence of fungal infection in the body: the disease is accompanied by a congestion of white mucus in the throat, as well as the appearance of a plaque on the tonsils; the course of the disease is accompanied by a sharp unpleasant odor from the mouth and a constant sensation of the presence of a foreign object in the throat);

- Sjogren's syndrome (this pathology occursas a result of the destruction of salivary and lacrimal cells; the oral cavity dries up, which causes the patient to have a false sensation of the presence of clots in the throat of sputum);

- problems with the cardiac system (these diseases are almost always accompanied by stagnation in the lungs and the formation of mucus in the throat);

- allergy (direct contact with the allergenpromotes irritation of the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract, which is the reason that sputum is formed white, and in some cases, transparent).

Cough with foamy phlegm

Sometimes when a cough appears white foamysputum. The reasons for its appearance are various ailments, including infectious ones. Most often, such sputum is accompanied by serious health problems.

Cough with frothy white sputum mayTo appear with senile changes in the body. This is due to the fact that because of age, the lungs lose the former opportunity to perform self-cleaning. In this regard, in the airways there is a conglomeration of foamy sputum.

Similar sputum may also appear due to coronary heart disease. This disease is accompanied by a protracted cough with an abundant release of foamy sputum.

Often, white sputum when coughing occurs due to pleurisy and pneumothorax, as well as due to an overdose of certain medications, radiation damage to the respiratory tract.

sputum white with cough

However, the most common reason forwhich appears foamy white sputum when coughing, is an abscess of the lung. This disease is extremely serious and is accompanied by a painful cough, in which a large amount of this sputum appears. Moreover, it has a very unpleasant smell. In most cases, before the release of phlegm, purulent mucus is removed from the respiratory tract.

Sometimes it happens

In some cases, cough and sputum mayaccompany a person for several months. In this case, no other symptoms of the disease, other than those indicated, does not appear. That is, a person does not get fever, does not hurt, he feels well and does not experience any indisposition.

Cough with white sputum without temperature can occur for the following reasons:

- Smoking;

- an allergic reaction to certain pathogens;

- venereal diseases;

- ingestion of foreign particles into the lungs;

- intoxication of the body with harmful substances, their penetration into the respiratory organs;

- Effects of ticks;

- heart failure.

In all of these cases, patients are observedFormation of an excessive amount of mucus. Sometimes it is produced up to 1.5 liters. Naturally, such an amount of sputum can not be swallowed (and even dangerous). Therefore, white viscous sputum when coughing (without temperature) begins to come out.

sputum white without cough

When sputum appears in large volumesit is necessary to seek the advice of a specialist. The doctor after a detailed examination of the patient can assign sputum analysis for the presence of any infections, fungal or bacterial damage, as well as an analysis of the causative agent of a specific disease.

In addition, in order to establish a more accurate picture of the disease, experts in the field of medicine often appointed radiography and other specifying diagnostic methods.

How to treat?

There are many ways to excrete phlegm. To get rid of annoying sputum it is possible and with the help of medicines and inhalations. You can also resort to folk methods, herbal treatments and herbal infusions.

If a person is an adherent of the traditionalmedicine, then for him the medicamentous way of treatment is perfect. In this case, the doctor prescribes the use of expectorants, as well as drugs that reduce the viscosity of phlegm. Most often such are mucolytic drugs based on bromhexine, ambroxol, acetylcysteine ​​(for example, "ACTS", "Lazolvan").

In addition, almost all such medicines are based on vegetable components: mucaltin, breastfeeding, althea syrup and the like.

There are in the arsenal of medics and drugs thatcan bring mucus to a normal state (Ambroxol, Ascoril). Such a means regulates the viscosity of sputum: it becomes more liquid and leaves faster.

white foamy sputum causes

To treat a cough that accompanies sputumwhite color, quite a part of the medicinal products that cause reflex action are used. The composition of such products include natural ingredients: essential oils, licorice, thermopsis. Such drugs include Gedelix, Herbion, Doctor Taise. These agents have an irritant effect on the receptors of the stomach, as a result of which the bronchial mucosa intensifies its work.

Therapeutic activities may includeand taking antibiotics: "Suprax", "Amoxiclav," "Doxycycline," "Flemoxin," Ampiox. "The choice of a particular drug directly depends on the cause of sputum formation, which can only be established by a qualified specialist.

Accepting the wrong drugs will not only not heal, but will also aggravate the situation, forcing the pathogenic bacteria to form immunity to the drugs used.

We are treated ourselves

The appearance of sputum and cough requireimmediate medical attention. After all, only an experienced specialist will be able to conduct a comprehensive study and make an accurate diagnosis. It should be remembered that not always self-treatment leads to the desired positive effects.

However, sputum white without a cough can be "destroyed" and with the help of traditional medicine.

Get rid of sputum (the allocation of which is notaccompanied by a cough) can be by inhalation. It can be carried out on the basis of such medicinal plants as essential oils or boiled potatoes. Inhalation should be carried out in the morning and in the evening. The duration of each procedure should not exceed 15 minutes.

You can resort to the use of warm herbalbeverages. Good means are decoctions based on chamomile, linden, mother-and-stepmother and sage. These herbal infusions diluted with warm boiled water and applied in small amounts 3 times a day.

If after 3-5 days of inhalation or consumption of herbal infusions no improvement is observed, the patient should consult a doctor.

Proponents of alternative medicine are confident in the effectiveness and tools such as:

- Kisel from the viburnum and honey;

- gruel made of egg yolks, flour, honey and butter;

- beetroot and carrot juice, in which radish juice and fresh cow milk are added;

- infusion of sage;

- lemon juice with glycerin and honey.

There are also those who try to get rid of sputum with the help of badger fat, figs with milk, lime tea, cranberry juice.

It is not necessary to resort to methods of unconventionalmedicine, if cough and phlegm are accompanied by fever and general malaise. In addition, it is worth remembering the possible allergic reactions to certain components of the above funds.

Physical Exercises to Help

There is a certain set of physical exercises, thanks to which mucus leaves the respiratory organs of a person much faster. These exercises were called "postural drainage."

So, in order to facilitate the statepatient, it is necessary to remove the pillow and put the patient on his back. Being in a similar position, he should slowly turn 45 degrees, while doing powerful exhalations and sighs.

As a result of this exercise, the accumulated mucus begins to stand out much faster. After the exercise, sputum should be spit. The exercise itself, if necessary, is repeated 3-5 times.

Another option for getting rid of phlegmare the slopes in different directions. This exercise is carried out in the position on the side (at the edge of the bed). Throughout the day, you can repeat this exercise 5-6 times (each approach for 5 slopes on each side).

You can also put the patient on his knees inbeds. He must bend the trunk forward (enough 6 times), then stay at rest for a minute. If desired, this exercise can be repeated throughout the day (but not more than 5 times).

Performing a similar "curative" gymnastics, it is worthremember that it only helps to alleviate the condition of the patient and for a short period to clear phlegm from the respiratory organs. He can not be cured by gymnastics alone. Therefore, it should be carried out in conjunction with the use of medications (which will be prescribed by the attending physician).

It is worth remembering that physical exercises are betterFollow the advice of a qualified technician. Exercise is contraindicated for people suffering from increased blood pressure and coronary heart disease.

Preventive measures

Any disease is easier to prevent than treat. Therefore, the appearance of sputum can also be avoided, if not lazy and systematically take preventive measures.

Thus, at any time of the year, it is necessary to include in your daily diet as much as possible products containing iron, magnesium and vitamin C.

During seasonal viral exacerbations,avoid visiting public places (or use a medical mask), and also drink a course of multivitamins. Also it is necessary to be afraid of drafts, hypothermia, stressful situations and physical overloads.

It is worth not to stay for a long time in poorly ventilated, smoky, smoky and dusty rooms.

It is important to stop smoking, because tobacco smoke is quite irritating to the respiratory tract. In this case, passive smoking is no less dangerous than active.

And, of course, it is necessary to temper your body (an excellent assistant in this will be a morning contrast shower). Very useful and morning exercises.

To hardening, as a preventive measure,should be resorted to during the warm season. In winter, hardening should be carried out under the strict supervision of a specialist, because excessive cooling of the body can not only not help in the fight against the disease, but also harm.


Often cough accompanied by thick white sputum. The causes of its appearance can be all kinds: from smoking and intoxication of the body to lung abscess. At the same time, spitting can be accompanied by high fever and other painful symptoms. In addition, thick white sputum when coughing can stand out, at first glance, absolutely without symptoms.

In any case, the appearance of sputum requiresimmediate access to specialists. An experienced doctor can diagnose even the color of phlegm. And additional diagnostic methods will help to establish the causative agent of the disease and the focus of the disease and take timely measures to recover the person.

It is worth remembering that any disease is easiercure in the early stages. Therefore, if there is white sputum when coughing in adults or children - it is necessary to immediately pass the test for phlegm and seek help from a specialist.