Started and correctly treated in timeBronchitis in a child does not allow the disease to go into its chronic form. In this case, it turns into a serious problem, since children with chronic bronchitis should undergo a special examination and treatment in a specialized medical institution. Treatment of acute bronchitis in children, started untimely or incorrectly, can be fraught with the development of a much heavier form - obstructive bronchitis.

Treatment of bronchitis in a child
Basically, the treatment of bronchitis in a child is aimed at:

  • fighting infection;
  • elimination of edema of the respiratory tract;
  • excretion of a large accumulation of mucus (sputum);
  • relief of dry cough, if it manifests itself in an ineffective, exhausting form.

First of all, it is necessary to remind once againparents: any attempts at self-treatment are unacceptable, especially when bronchitis in children. Treatment of antibiotics is not always possible. Against a viral infection, and almost always is bronchitis, they are useless, and the protective microflora of the body can be harmful. The decision to prescribe antibiotics for bronchitis should be taken only by a doctor, only after receiving the results of a general blood test and only when it is no longer possible to dispense with antibiotics. For example, if acute bronchitis threatens to develop into pneumonia.

Allergic bronchitis in children treatment
Treatment of bronchitis in a child begins with withdrawalbronchial spasm with decongestants. This measure will strengthen the supply of the body with oxygen, expanding the lumen of the bronchi. Getting rid of the mucus that has accumulated in them, in addition to taking medicines, can be supplemented with hot foot baths, application of mustard plaits to the calf muscles, special massage of the chest area, compress (with a wet cough). All these procedures also require medical appointment after examination of a sick child, since there are contraindications associated with some forms of cough and high fever.

It is important for parents that the doctor be sureexplained to them why this or that drug was prescribed. In addition, remember the "rule of six": each prescribed medicine should contain up to six active substances. Their larger number complicates the interaction with each other. If the doctor prescribes drugs that are opposite to each other by action, violates the "rule of six", or prescribes antibiotics after the initial examination - give up his services and consult another specialist.

With the spread of various types of allergies, the variety of bronchitis caused by her often happens. It can be called spring blossom, house dust, animal hair, and a number of medications.

Bronchitis in children treated with antibiotics

If allergic bronchitis developed in children,treatment is primarily to protect them from all possible provocators of an allergic reaction. Sometimes salvation lies in moving out of town, where fresh air is much cleaner and freer from allergens.

Correct and timely treatment of bronchitis inthe child ends with his recovery within 2-3 weeks. However, the baby's body will restore its strength much longer - up to a month and a half. In addition, recently, doctors have noticed a tendency to increase the duration of the disease, accompanied by pain in the heart, increased irritability and other symptoms. Therefore, we should not rush to transfer the child to the previous, healthy regime.