A person can also get rabies. This happens not so often, but still happens. It can be transmitted through the bite of a sick animal. The virus is also present in human saliva. This means that caution when contacting an infected person will not interfere. The most dangerous is the multiple and deep bites of animals. A higher probability of infection will be if the arms, neck, head, mouth mucous (for example, a cheek is brushed) are damaged. Rabies in humans can occur even because of a small scratch, which left the infected animal.

It is established that after infection, cats are infectious for up to three days, dogs up to five. Bats can spread the infection much longer. At the person always all proceeds differently.

Rabies in humans

Here everything depends on the individual characteristicsorganism. There are practically no identical cases. On average, the disease lasts up to forty-five days. Some have time to recover in fifteen days, and some for recovery is not enough and three months. Rabies, the incubation period can last from ten to hundred days, can lead to great trouble. Do not wait for it to pass. Consult a doctor immediately. Complications can be serious. The first signs of rabies in a person should know everything. The disease is rare, but still dangerous.

Rabies in man manifests itself in two forms: in violent or paralytic. In the first case, a person has a fever, which can last for several days. Symptoms can also include pain in the body, severe or moderate itching, burning at the site of a bite, pain in the back of the head. Often in patients there are also hallucinations. The condition of the infected person is depressed, many people start to perceive the usual things differently, everything seems to them in gloomy tones.
Rabies in humans is accompanied by the strongestnervous excitement. With it is directly associated with increased heart rate (which can cause diseases of this organ), as well as rapid breathing. Sooner or later, spasms of the pharynx will appear. Because of them, it becomes impossible not only to eat food, but also water.

The behavior of the patient may be specific. This is largely due to the fact that it starts to torment various phobias, which were not previously. It is remarkable that the patient can be afraid of both closed and open spaces at the same time.

Over time, there will be fits of rage. The patient becomes extremely dangerous, as he is ready to inflict physical damage on anyone who is nearby. The mind at such moments is clouded. There is no understanding of reality.

Rabies in humans leads to sleep disorders. The images that come in a dream are restless. Often the patient has nightmares. At the turbulent stage begins salivary salivation. It is not excluded that at the end of this phase the patient will wait for temporary relief. After it all reflexes will disappear, incontinence of feces and urine will begin. With the progression of paralysis, the patient will lose consciousness. At the turbulent stage death from suffocation is quite probable.

Today the paralytic form of rabiespractically does not occur. Characteristic symptoms of pain in the region of the spinal cord. Over time, they will be replaced by paresis of the extremities. These pareses are rapidly progressing. In most cases, they take the character of an ascending paralysis. The case may end with the fact that a person will completely lose the ability to move his arm, leg, or neck. Fits of paralysis do not happen.

Rabies in humans: vaccinations

It's impossible to foresee everything in life, but you have to be ready for anything. Vaccination is a reliable way to protect yourself from this terrible disease. We advise you to see a doctor and find out all the details.

Finally, we add that rabies can not be cured. The only thing that can be done is to stop the symptoms.