This article is devoted to the description of an ointment forexternal application of "Akriderm", the instruction to which is given below. On the basis of this drug several types of ointments have been created for the treatment of skin diseases. Here, in addition to the simple "Acriderm" ointment, which includes one active substance - betamethasone dipropionate, a drug from several components, "Acriderm Genta", is also described.


The active substance of the drug is betamethasone dipropionate. Pharmgroup of this agent: glucocorticosteroid for local (external) use.

Form release and composition of the drug: It is a non-prescription medicine, it is available in the form of white cream. 1 g of the drug contains 640 mg of the active substance - betamethasone dipropionate. Additional Ingredients: paraffin, vaseline oil, petroleum jelly, propylene glycol, Trilon B, emulsifying wax, nipagin, sodium sulfite, purified water. The ointment is packaged in 15 and 30 gram aluminum tubes, packed in cardboard packs.

Pharmacotherapy: When used externallyanti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, antiproliferative and decongestant deystvie. Has a stronger vasoconstrictive effect than other fluoride derivatives of GCS. Severity of systemic effects is insignificant due to small absorption through the skin. If it gets on the skin, it is prevented by the edge accumulation of neutrophils, which in turn reduces exudation of cytokines and inhibits the migration of macrophages. All of the above reduces the process of infiltration and granulation.

Pharmacokinetics: When applied to the skin on the intensity of absorption affects a number of factors: the polypropylene components of the solvent improve diffusion, the pathology of the skin increases the absorption.

Indications: Assign with atopic dermatitis; diffuseneurodermatitis; contact dermatitis (simple and allergic); simple, chronically leish (limited neurodermatitis); exfoliative dermatitis; urticaria; herpetiform dermatitis; seborrheic dermatitis; gnarled pruritus of Gaida; eczema; psoriasis; red flat lichen; itching of the skin; discoid lupus erythematosus; generalized erythroderma (in complex treatment).

Contraindications: The drug is contraindicated inhypersensitivity, skin symptoms of syphilis; skin tuberculosis; bacterial, viral, fungal skin diseases; trophic ulcers of the lower leg, associated with varicose veins; skin cancer, nevus, athere, melanoma, hemangioma, xanthoma, sarcoma; rosacea, vulgar acne, postvaccinal skin reactions, in children under 1 year with rash (if there is diaper rash). In addition, there are conditions of the body in which caution is needed in the treatment with the drug Acriderm. The instruction warns - the drug should be used with caution in pregnancy, as well as with prolonged use or lubrication of large surfaces: cataracts, diabetes, glaucoma, tuberculosis.

Application: External ointment or cream in a small amount is applied tothe affected areas of the skin with an even layer and gently rub 2-6 times / day. At the onset of the effect, the frequency of applications is reduced to 1 time / day. It is recommended to apply the cream on wet or damp surfaces; ointment - if there are dry lichen or scaly lesions; in the form of lotion use, if it is necessary to apply on a large area the minimum amount of the drug "Akriderm". The instruction warns: in patients with skin lesions on the face and in children, the course of therapy should not exceed 5 days.

Possible side effects: A number of adverse side effects are possiblewhen using the drug Acriderm. Instructions for use notes that manifestations in the form of burning, itching, steroid acne, striae, dry skin, folliculitis, hypertrichosis, sweating, secondary infections of the skin and mucous membrane are possible. With prolonged use - in the form of skin atrophy, local hirsutism, telangiectasia, purpura, hypopigmentation; when applications on large surfaces are possible manifestations of a systemic nature (gastritis, ulceration of the mucosa of the digestive tract).

Overdose: Symptoms manifest hypercorticism. Treatment for an overdose of symptomatic, with a gradual withdrawal of funds. If necessary, it is possible to correct the electrolyte balance.

Special requirements: Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. The instruction indicates that the use of the drug for the treatment of rosacea or acne vulgaris can exacerbate the disease.

Akriderm Genta - instruction

It is a combined preparation with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial actions. Active substances of the drug "Acriderm® GENTA": Gentamicin (gentamicin), Betamethasone dipropionate

Indications: An agent is used for dermatitis (simple andallergic), especially the secondarily infected, eczema (atopic, pediatric, coin-like), atopic dermatitis, chronic simple diarrhea, exfoliative dermatitis, radiation, sun, diaper rash, psoriasis, itching.

Contraindications: There are a number of contraindications for useAkriderm Genta. The instruction indicates that this remedy is contraindicated for: hypersensitivity to any component of the drug, skin tuberculosis, chickenpox, cutaneous manifestations of syphilis, herpes simplex, open wounds, post-vaccination reactions with skin manifestation, and also in the lactation period and in childhood to 1 year.

Dosage: Ointment or cream "Akriderum GENTA" is rubbed into the affected areas of the skin 1-2 times / day.