In the modern world,got liver disease. As an organ that performs the main detoxification function in the body, the liver requires a careful attitude towards itself (this is well known to any doctor). It is for this reason that a special group of pharmaceuticals has appeared - hepatoprotectors.

Currently in medical practice widelythe drug "Phosphogliv" is distributed. Instructions for use of this medication contain standard information (indications, contraindications, adverse reactions, as well as information about the characteristics of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics).

The main course of action of thispharmaceutical drug - protection of the liver. Thus, the drug "Phosphogliv," the instruction for its use details the mechanism of the drug's effect on the human body, is a hepatoprotector.

In addition to its main purpose, the medicinehas a pronounced antiviral activity, which was confirmed by the tests carried out. Being an integral element of cell membranes, the active substance (phosphatidylcholine) helps to restore and strengthen the cellular structures of the liver. The latter provides restoration of the function of the damaged liver (the synthesis of enzymes normalizes and normalizes the exchange of macronutrients). The glycyrrhizinate, which is part of the drug, leads to suppression of the reproduction of the virus in the liver cells. This is due to stimulation of interferon production, increased activity of phagocytosis, as well as activation of natural killers.

It should be noted that the use of the drug significantly reduces the risk of developing cirrhosis and fibrosis of liver tissue.

In addition to the drug described above, there is aIts special form is the drug "Phosphogliv Fort". Instructions for use of this medication are similar to those described above. A distinctive feature is the prolonged action of the latter.

Indications for the prescription of the medicinal product:

- Hepatitis (acute or chronic form);

- liver disease of a degenerative nature (fatty hepatosis, cirrhosis, diabetes, tuberculosis);

- liver damage of drug and alcoholic etiology;

acute and chronic liver failure;

- various intoxications;

- Various skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, atopic dermatitis, neurodermatitis).

In the presence of these pathological conditionsis used in the treatment of the drug "Phosphogliv." Instructions for use indicate a special list of contraindications, among which the main are pregnancy and lactation. In addition, it is necessary with special caution to approach this medication with patients with portal hypertension.

Side effects develop extremely rarely and are mainly represented by dermatological manifestations (rash, itching and others).

In the absence of contraindications to the use ofand, of course, in the presence of well-founded indications, the preparation "Phosphogliv" is prescribed. Instruction for use refers to the dispensing of medicinal products only on prescription, which protects patients from the independent and often unreasonable use of this medication without prescribing a doctor.

Highly effective hepatoprotector, stabilizerliver cell membranes, as well as an effective antiviral drug "Phosphogliv forte", the instruction for the use of which has been discussed in detail above, is applied quite often today and effectively copes with the tasks set. Among the analogs of this drug can be identified "Liv 52" and "Essentiale."