A hangover, what to do? Well, who knows? All these unpleasant sensations: dry mouth, nausea, heartburn, headache. How to improve well-being and restore shape? What should I do in the morning?

And all because of the green snake. But yesterday did not think so, adrenaline beat the key, girls, vodka, gramophone. Everything is due to the fact that alcohol in vodka and other alcoholic beverages causes an increased urea content in the body. In this regard, there is a redistribution of the fluid, resulting in edema of the face, and dehydration of the brain leads to a headache. If you did not know, alcoholic beverages of dark color, cause a stronger hangover than light, and sugar intensifies the effect. That's why sweet liquor always leads to a more intense hangover.

Overseas alcohol, such as rum, whiskey, tequilaand others cause a stronger hangover than our vodka, due to the fact that fusel oils from it are not removed, but are left to form the flavor and taste of the drink.

In addition, nicotine poisoning also enhances a hangover, since under the influence of alcohol smoke in a larger amount than usual. But it is felt only in the morning.

During a hangover, a person experiences acute thirst. This is due to the fact that there is a large number of toxins in the blood that are still not healed by the liver, and they must be neutralized. Drink plenty of fluids. Start with an ordinary table of mineral water, there are enough salts and trace elements in it. In the event that heartburn is added to the headache, you must first buy a mineral water with an alkaline composition. It will help to extinguish the flames in the stomach. After that, you need to drink ordinary non-carbonated water, strong tea, juices and so on.

A hangover, what to do? How quickly to remove a hangover know not all. The first option is the most optimal and correct one. No matter how trite it sounds - do not drink alcohol, and you will be happy.

Another option, for those who are not able toabandon such entertainment. First, before going to bed take a pill anesthetic, and in the morning, do not eat anything, and drink the squeezed lemon juice before mixing with a tablespoon of honey.

Honey is very effective for hangover. This is due to the fact that it contains a large amount of fructose, and it in turn stimulates metabolism. This method will help to ease the body.

What to do with a strong hangover? Another option is known to everyone - brine tomatoes or cucumbers or cabbage pickle. Of cabbage, the most effective. The effect of this drug is paradoxical, but effective.

What do foreigners offer? This is the recipe: a little lemon juice mixed with 50 grams of dry white wine pour into a glass and fill it up with a mineral water.

Also helps bitter chocolate, it increases the amount of endorphins in the blood, which leads to cheerfulness and good mood. And this will help stoically survive the morning after the holiday.

A hangover, what to do? Suitable for a hangover cranberry mors or a node of dried fruits, as well as dairy products. Now about the food. The main thing is not to load the organism, which is weak from alcohol, with heavy food. And to those who believe that the remedy for a hangover is starvation, I dare to object. Judge for yourself, hunger is also a stress for the body. Of course, if there is no appetite, it is better to drink tea without sugar on herbs or water without gas. But, if the appetite is present, do not deprive yourself of food, you need to know what to eat. In no case be reinforced by yesterday's Olivier, etc., the body needs rest.

A hangover, what to do? Or what better not to do?

Do not drink coffee, it removes water from the body. Beer also can not be, regrettable. You only cause harm to the body. It must be remembered that ethanol decay products become even more harmful at an intermediate stage. You can make trouble with the liver.

Best of all, going to the holiday, remember that tomorrow will still come.