How to treat spurs on the heels and for what reason thisailment appears in seemingly healthy people? These questions are often asked by patients to their doctors. After all, the presented problem can bring enormous discomfort, as well as strong painful sensations both in a calm state and during walking.

how to treat spurs on the heels

Causes of appearance

Before you find out how to treat spurs on the heels, you should find out why this disease occurs. On this account, there are several opinions:

  • overweight;
  • longitudinal flatfoot;
  • disorders in metabolism;
  • chronic or acute injury of the calcaneus;
  • complication of a chronic disease (eg, Ankylosing spondylitis or arthritis);
  • violation in the circulation of the legs (often occurs in people with poor permeability of veins and blood vessels).

After finding out the true reason for the appearanceThis ailment should be directed all efforts to eliminate it. After all, the answer to the question of how to treat spurs on the heels, is unlikely to help you if you do not follow all preventive measures to get rid of the underlying problem. And only in conjunction with such activities you will permanently (or permanently) forget about this disease.

How to treat spurs on your heels at home
spur on heels

It should be specially noted that traditional medicinehas proved itself in this field only on the best side. After all, almost every third person who has had such trouble, got rid of it exclusively on their own. In order to understand exactly how it is possible to cure spurs on the heels, we will consider a couple of effective and effective recipes:

  • It is necessary to take 1 large spoon of honey, 50 mliodine, dessert spoon of sea salt and mix everything thoroughly. Next, the resulting mass must be applied to the bandage and attach it to a painful place on the heel. After that, put a cellophane on your leg and tie it tight. This bandage must be kept all night, and removed in the morning.
  • Spurs on the heels (treatment, reviews are presented inthis article) quickly disappear from the next compress: you need to take a small cabbage leaf, smear it with honey, attach to the heel, tie with a bandage and put on a socks. This procedure should be carried out at night for at least 3 consecutive days.

A medical remedy for spurs on the heels

spurs on heel treatment reviews

  • If folk methods do not help get rid ofthis problem, then this disease can be treated with the help of pharmacy ointments and gels, which quite quickly cope with any inflammation in the joint (drugs "Kontraktubeks", "Dolobene"). As a rule, with the help of traditional medicine, the pain in the heel passes after the first week. In some cases, this disease is eliminated by pricking into the affected area.
  • In addition to ointments and gels, heel spurs are treatedthrough physiotherapy. Such procedures include magnetotherapy, electrophoresis, laser therapy, shock wave, etc. Despite the fact that these events can be quite expensive, feedback about them is always positive. After all, this physical effect on the spur gives a positive result (completely eliminates pain) after one or two procedures.
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