Neuralgia of the sciatic and femoral nerve is called sciatica. The longest nerve in the human body is sciatic.

Sciatica: symptoms, treatment

sciatica medication

The main symptoms of sciatica are:

- pain in the buttocks and lower limbs;

- impaired sensation in the legs;

- constant acute pain on the surface of the foot;

- numbness;

- weakness.

Treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs

With such a disease as sciatica treatmentmedicament means the use of anti-inflammatory drugs that stop severe pain. Recommended tools are "Diclofenac", "Ibuprofen", "Orthofen". It is necessary to remember how complicated the disease is. Treatment with medications with these drugs is not capable of eliminating its cause. If it is not treated effectively, the symptoms may disappear, but only for a while. Then they will most likely return with more intensity. With the disease can cope only complex treatment.


At the first manifestations of such symptomsa disease like sciatica, medication is simply necessary. But it should be appointed by an experienced specialist after a thorough examination and diagnosis. For this it is necessary to consult a neurologist. The doctor will examine the patient, prescribe a biochemical and general blood test, an x-ray study performed in different positions (lying, standing). If necessary, will make a magnetic resonance imaging. Sometimes it may be necessary to consult other specialists: a vascular surgeon, a rheumatologist, a vertebrologist who will establish a diagnosis of sciatica. They will prescribe treatment.

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Sciatica: medication

As a rule, in the treatment of this diseaseuse non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants, vitamins. Locally appoint gels and ointments of irritating action, relieve pain and reduce the spastic syndrome.

Preparations of the nonsteroid group are effectiveneutralize the inflammatory process, block the appearance of prostaglandins - substances that in the human body "respond" for pain. These medications are of short-term and long-term effect. But do not forget about the side effects of such drugs:

- effects on the gastric mucosa;

- deterioration of blood coagulability;

- complication of the kidneys.

There are also steroidal anti-inflammatory drugsfunds, but they are designed for use for a short time (not more than two weeks). Longer use will cause unwanted side effects.

Sciatica: comprehensive treatment

For each patient, a set of procedures is selected, which depends on the severity of the condition and symptoms. It can include:

- mode;

- medicines;

- Physiotherapy;

- massage;

- physiotherapy;

- surgical treatment.

sciatica medication

Prophylaxis of sciatica

It is necessary to maintain the muscles of the back in tonus. It is desirable to do gymnastics, follow the posture. With sedentary work, you should take breaks at least two hours later. It is necessary to apply to experienced specialists in time to identify and treat various pathologies that cause sciatica. Treatment medication in combination with other methods will help in the shortest time to localize and cure this serious disease.