The emergence of a disease such as cystitis,due to the presence in the body of the infection, which is excited by E. coli. It may not manifest itself for a long time, but only weaken the immune system or the person is overcooled, the disease becomes more active. The infection begins to spread to the bladder, resulting in an inflammatory process of its mucosa, which causes a number of: cystitis, treatment, antibiotics ...

Infectious agents are also considered chlamydia andureaplasma, because of which, too, can occur cystitis. Treatment, antibiotics in this case are assigned individually to each patient. But the occurrence of the disease in this way happens rarely.

What antibiotics to treat cystitis?

An unambiguous answer to this question can only be given byAn experienced doctor who got acquainted with the results of the patient's tests. And even if the patient's condition has improved dramatically during the treatment, it is not worth making any conclusions about a full recovery, because this infection requires a complete course and thorough prevention. Medical treatment of cystitis must be performed under the supervision of a doctor.

For today in drugstores it is possible to getgood antibacterial drugs that can perfectly cope with this infection. One of these is Nolitsin, which should take 1 tablet 3 times a day, the treatment should be at least three days. Effective enough in the fight against cystitis is Monural, which is taken once a day 2 hours before meals. It has no side effects and is allowed even in pregnancy. Also an excellent remedy is Cyston, which is not among the antibiotics. This preparation is made on the basis of plant components. Most often it is taken as an additional remedy in the fight against cystitis.

In addition, it should be remembered that with inflammationthe urinary bladder must drink a lot of fluid, at least one and a half liters per day. This will help to remove the bacteria that cause inflammation. It is best to use teas on herbs, as well as kidney fees, which will help to quickly remove the inflammation and will have a diuretic effect. At the time of treatment, it is necessary to refuse carbonated water, coffee, alcoholic beverages, since they cause irritation of the bladder.

An effective drink with cystitisis cranberry juice, since cranberries are able to have an antibacterial effect on the genitourinary system as a whole. You can also drink tea with chamomile flowers, berries and leaves of cowberry, hips. It is necessary to refuse the use of sweet food and citrus, which have an irritating effect on the bladder.

Not always with the disease "cystitis," treatment,antibiotics are the main ones in the fight against infection. If you start treatment in time, you can do without medication, limiting yourself to folk remedies. But after this, it is necessary to take tests to make sure that the infection has completely disappeared. To do this, you need, as mentioned above, to drink plenty of fluids. This applies to freshly squeezed juices from carrots, cucumbers, beets and pumpkins.

You can buy a special kidney in the pharmacycollection or buy everything you need to make it and brew it yourself. It is not recommended to take a hot bath with cystitis. It can only worsen your condition. You should take a warm shower several times a day. You can also do a decoction of herbal decoction. In this case, the water should be warm, but in no case hot. In every possible way, avoid hypothermia, even if the disease has already receded, as this can provoke the disease again. Then again there will come a cystitis, treatment, antibiotics ...