Symptoms of influenza, which is acutea viral disease, not by hearsay are familiar to every person. Every year, the mass media announce a new epidemic, which sometimes even closes educational institutions. The flu is not too dangerous in itself - all of its symptoms sooner or later pass, however it is very insidious with its complications. This disease in any case can not be carried on legs, it must be cured.

Interesting is the fact that for the first time the flu symptomsare mentioned in the works of the famous Hippocrates. This virus coexists with a person for many hundreds and thousands of years, but until now medicine has not devised a medicine that would at once eliminate all the symptoms and quickly cured the flu. Of course, to date, there are a number of drugs that help to destroy this virus, but, firstly, their effectiveness is far from 100%, and secondly, they have a fairly impressive list of contraindications and side effects, so they are appointed only in the most severe cases and only under medical supervision. In other cases, the flu is treated symptomatically - high temperature is knocked off by paracetamol, ibuprofen or aspirin (aspirin is suitable only for adult patients), the nose is washed with saline solutions, for example aquamaris, and if necessary instilled with vasoconstrictive drops. From the pain in the throat, various lollipops and tablets (for example, a doctor, a septothete), as well as rinsings of herbs (for this purpose, sage, chamomile, calendula) are good. A person with a flu needs to drink a lot and try to keep bed rest at least until the temperature goes down and the overall well-being improves.

The first symptoms of influenza

What are the first symptoms of influenza? As a rule, the disease begins with a strong chill, which accompanies the temperature rise to 38 - 40 degrees. Rapidly growing headache, aches and pains in the muscles, a sense of weakness and weakness. In general, the flu symptoms can be characterized by the word "very". The head is very sore, the joints are very lumpy, very quickly a very high fever rises - in a word, the sick person is very ill. The phenomena of intoxication are increasing, the symptoms are accompanied by pain in the throat, dry cough, and in 2-3 days and a runny nose. The flu differs from most other ARVIs in that it starts with a general deterioration in the state of health and a rise in temperature, and respiratory events occur even during the course of the illness. With the flu, it often happens that in the morning a person feels completely healthy, and in the daytime he gets very sick and falls down with a temperature of 39 degrees.

Once a person has felt the first symptomsflu, he must try to ensure a complete rest. Going with the flu to work or other important cases is not only dangerous for health, but also disrespectful to others, because this virus is very contagious and easily transmitted by talking, coughing, sneezing, and using common objects. It is necessary to call a doctor who will examine and listen to the patient, determine the exact diagnosis and give recommendations for the treatment and prevention of complications.

Flu without temperature - is it possible?

Are there flu symptoms without fever? Sometimes the sick observe all the above symptoms, except for the temperature (aches and pains in the joints and muscles, general weakness and weakness, headache). Such a course of the disease is very rare, it is much more common for a common cold or other viral infection. Exactly answer the question whether the flu is flu or not, it is possible only after a special analysis, it is difficult to get through to (it is not done in ordinary clinics). But in a situation when, for example, a child and a mother got sick with the flu, and the pope got all the symptoms, but without the temperature, the likelihood that the pope has the flu, just not at all typical, is great enough. Although even in this case it can not be ruled out that Papa has picked up some other virus in the metro, in the store or at work. And get a record in the card with a diagnosis of "flu" in the absence of temperature is almost impossible.