Medication "Mexuprem" is a member of the groupantioxidants. The active substance is ethylmethylhydroxypyridine succinate. The drug is an inhibitor of free-radical processes. The medication is a membrane protective agent that exerts a stress-protective, antihypoxic, nootropic, anksolytic and anticonvulsant effect. The drug strengthens the body's resistance to the negative influence of various factors. They include, in particular, shock, ischemia, hypoxia, cerebral circulatory disorders, poisoning with antipsychotics (antipsychotics) and alcohol. The drug modulates the activity of receptor complexes, membrane-bound enzymes. The drug improves blood circulation and metabolism in the brain, increases rheological properties and microcirculation of blood, reduces platelet aggregation. The agent stabilizes the membrane cellular structures during hemolysis.

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The drug has lipid-lowering activity, lowers the level of cholesterol (total), LDL.

Medication Mexiprim. Instructions for use. Indications

The drug is recommended for vegetovasculardystonia, with neurotic-like and neurotic states, complicated by anxiety. Indications include abstinence syndrome on the basis of alcoholism. The "Mexicem" (pills) device additionally recommends the instruction for memory disorders and intellectual insufficiency in the elderly, as well as for patients who are under the influence of stressful (extreme) factors. The indications include cognitive disorders of mild degree, accompanying psycho-organic syndrome and asthenic disorders, chronic and acute circulatory disturbances of the brain, intoxication and neuroinfections, TBI, atrophic and senile processes. "Mexiprem" (ampoules) is prescribed additionally for discirculatory encephalopathy, cognitive disorders in the mild stage, caused by atherosclerotic lesions.


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The drug "Mexiprim" instruction for use does not recommend pregnant women and children. Contraindications include acute disorders in the kidney or liver and hypersensitivity.

Side effects

In some cases, on the grounds of intolerance to components, dry mouth, drowsiness, nausea, and allergy may occur.

Dosing regimen

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Inside the Mexicop tool is theapplication recommends starting to take 0.25-0.5 g. The total amount of the drug per day is distributed two to three times. The daily dose can be increased to 0.8 g. Therapy of patients with vegetovascular, cognitive, anxiety disorders continues for two to six weeks. Cupping of alcohol withdrawal syndrome is carried out with taking the drug for five to seven days. Course treatment with Medication "Mexicum" instructions for use recommends completing, gradually reducing the dosage.

Additional Information

When an overdose of the drug "Mexuprem"the instruction manual recommends that standard assistance activities be conducted. As a rule, the symptoms are eliminated throughout the day. In severe cases, such drugs as "Diazepam" (5 mg), "Oxazepam" (10 mg) or "Nitrazepam" (10 mg) are recommended.