"Thiosulfate sodium" instruction manualdescribes as a 30% solution for intravenous administration. It is indicated for use as an antidote for poisoning with cyanide compounds, as well as in the complex treatment of certain allergic diseases, neuralgia and arthritis.

Use "Sodium thiosulfate" and for outdoor useapplication. With a scabies 60% solution should be rubbed into the skin, and after it dries, moisten with a weak solution of hydrochloric acid. The drug is able to exert a destructive effect on the mite, the pathogen of scabies, and the eggs that are laid down by it, due to its ability to disintegrate when it enters the acidic medium, forming sulfur dioxide and sulfur.

The drug enters the pharmacy network in cardboard boxes, each of which has ten five-milliliters ampoules of a solution of "sodium thiosulfate". The instruction is enclosed.

This drug is also produced inform of powder, which is a colorless transparent granule, without an odor, brackish bitter taste. Granules easily dissolve in water and do not dissolve completely in alcohol.

Treatment with the drug can be carried out onlyby appointment of a doctor. Usually, children are not recommended to use it, except for emergency cases of poisoning. Adults "Sodium thiosulfate" injections are done intravenously or injected in a jet - five or ten cubes of solution. In case of poisoning by any poisonous substance, whether it is arsenic, mercury or lead, or prussic acid, its salts, or iodine, bromide salts, the dose of the drug for a single dose can be increased to fifty milliliters.

In addition to the description and methods of using the drug "Sodium thiosulfate", the instruction contains a number of other important information.

Contraindicated use of this drugmeans for those people who have intolerance to its components. Side effects are expressed in the manifestation of allergic rashes, accompanied by itching. Cases of overdose have not been described, but it is not superfluous to remember that an overdose of any medication is not good, and often threatens with serious consequences.

The use of the medicinal product "Sodiumthiosulphate "during pregnancy is allowed provided that the benefits for women will exceed the estimated possible risk for the unborn child. However, if a woman needs treatment with this drug, and she is a nursing mother, then in this case breastfeeding should be discontinued.

When treating this drug, managementmotor vehicles and working with complex mechanisms, as well as engaging in those activities that require increased attention and quick response, is allowed, since this medicine does not affect these abilities of a person.

It should be noted that the application ofof the preparation "Thiosulfate of sodium" the instruction contains special instructions. In the case of cyanide poisoning, the antidote should be administered immediately, because delay is fatal. Then it is necessary to establish a careful observation of the victim and monitor his condition for several days, because poisoning symptoms may return. In this situation, repeated administration of the drug is necessary, but its dose should be reduced by half.

Keep medicinal product in a dry place, avoiding direct sunlight. Care should be taken to ensure that the storage location is not accessible to children.

The maximum permissible use of the medicine is not more than five years.

Acquire "Sodium thiosulfate" is possible in any pharmacy without a doctor's prescription.