Food poisoning is no longer a rarity. This problem is most relevant in the summer, when the products begin to deteriorate much faster. It should be noted that the surge of poisoning falls on holidays. It is at this time that unscrupulous producers are trying to sell stale goods.

So, what can be poisoned? Yes, everything from the dairy products to the meat products. And what about the fish? And the fish is given a special place, about which we will talk a little with you.

There are several ways of poisoning:

Poisoning by meat is the second mostall severity of the disease. Any fish during decomposition produces highly toxic substances that negatively affect the human nervous system. With such poisoning, paralytic complications are possible. What are the symptoms of fish poisoning in this case? Presence of vomiting and diarrhea.

The second way of poisoning isthe use of poisonous fish. In this case, the poisoning is cholera-like. What happens during poisoning? Distinguishable signs are the beginning of colic in the stomach or intestines and thirst.

The third form of poisoning manifests itself in the form of a rash,combining a small fever and itching. In this case, the symptoms of fish poisoning are less dangerous, but specialized assistance to the victim is still required.

Poisoning by fish occurs individually. In some, the first symptoms begin almost instantaneously, in others after the expiration of time (usually after 2 to 4 hours).

Symptoms of fish poisoning

  1. Pain sensations in the abdomen,
  2. Nausea and vomiting begin,
  3. There is dizziness and weakness
  4. Unpleasant burning occurs in the mouth
  5. Body temperature lowered
  6. Diarrhea
  7. In severe cases, paralysis may occur

Here I would like to note that the symptoms, after poisoning by poisonous fishes, can be detected after two to three days.

Which fish is poisonous?

In fact, any fish, as a result of the Sartlandisease can become toxic. This disease in fish occurs during the flowering of algae. In nature, such fish die. But the development of the Sartlan disease does not happen immediately. The main cause of poisoning is the toxic substances accumulating in fish tissues.

What to do?

If we have symptoms of fish poisoning, immediately call an ambulance. Do not waste time before doctors arrive! The first thing to do is to clean the stomach by inducing vomiting. Some will be surprised, what for during an open vomiting also to clear a stomach? I explain, a few liters (the more, the better) the drunk "raw" water will most effectively clear the entire stomach. After the vomiting is over, the patient needs to put an enema.

After carrying out emergency measures, the victim is rubbed with acetic tincture, a warm water bottle is placed on the stomach and gives strong tea or natural red wine.

It should be noted that poisoning is fraught with long-term consequences, which are allergies to fish products.

Finally ...

Use caution in eating smoked orsalted fish. Before buying, pay attention to the smell, if possible, break it in half. Before buying smoked fish, be careful. After all, it is by smoking that unscrupulous producers can disguise an unsightly (spoiled) appearance and an unpleasant smell. remember, that poisoning by red fish or any other, mainly falls on holidays.

Poor-quality fish can be identified by swollenbelly, crumpled, flying scales, an unpleasant smell from the gills and clouded eyes. Remember, the right product will guarantee you and your family a great mood and a lot of fun!