The medicine "Omnik" refers to the pharmacologicalgroup of alpha 1-adrenoblockers. The active ingredient is tamsulosin hydrochloride. The medication specifically blocks the postsynaptic alpha 1-adrenergic receptors present in the smooth muscles of the neck of the bladder, prostate and prostatic portion of the urethra. As a result of the activity of the agent, the tonus in the muscles decreases, the outflow of urine improves. With a decrease in symptoms of emptying, the filling symptoms associated with tension in smooth muscles and detrusor hyperactivity on the basis of benign type hyperplasia of the prostate are alleviated. The active substance is characterized by high absorption from the digestive tract. Bioavailability reaches almost 100%. After eating, absorption slows down. The maximum concentration of the drug when taking a single dose of 0.4 g. is noted in six hours. The equilibrium content of the drug is observed by the fifth day. Metabolism occurs in the liver, excretion is carried out through the kidneys.

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The drug Omnic. Instructions for use. Indications

The remedy is recommended for elimination of diuretic disorders on the basis of benign type hyperplasia of the prostate.


The drug "Omnik" instruction for use is notrecommends when liver failure is severe, hypersensitivity, orthostatic hypotension (in history including). Caution is shown in case of kidney failure.

medicine omnik

How to take "Omnik"

The drug is recommended for admission in the morning, afterbreakfast. Dosage - 0.4 mg (one capsule) once a day. Do not chew the medicine to avoid reducing the release rate of the active substance.

The drug Omnic. Instructions for use. Adverse Reactions

In rare cases, dizziness may occur,headache. On the basis of treatment, hypotension of orthostatic type, retrograde ejaculation, palpitation, tachycardia can occur. The medication provokes constipation or diarrhea, angioedema, asthenia, nausea, up to vomiting, skin rash or itching.

Omniks instructions for use

The drug Omnic. Instructions for use. Additional Information

In practice there are no cases of poisoningmedicament. Theoretically, the pressure may drop sharply, compensatory tachycardia may occur. In such cases, immediate symptomatic therapy is required. When patients take a horizontal position, the frequency of contractions in the heart and pressure are restored. In case of ineffectiveness of this measure, it is allowed to take funds that promote blood circulation, if necessary, vasoconstrictive medicines. To prevent subsequent absorption, you can wash the stomach. Laxative is indicated. With worsening of the condition, ineffectiveness of treatment with Omnic, the instruction for use recommends contacting a doctor. Before and during therapy, regular rectal finger examination should be performed. In some cases, the definition of a specific prostatic antigen (PSA) may be required.