"Naise" instructions for use characterize as anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, and analgesic medicinal product.

The main manufacturers of the drug areIndian pharmaceutical factories. The pharmacy network comes in the form of tablets, both conventional and soluble and suspensions, which are intended for oral administration, as well as a gel for external use.

Tablets of both kinds representPills with a smooth convex surface, white with a slight yellowish tinge. Suspension "Nyz" is available in the form of a yellow syrup with a pleasantly fruity smell and taste. If the syrup is not touched for a long time - its substance is divided into two phases, which again are combined with intensive stirring.

The active substance of the drug "Naise" isnimesulide. Auxiliary substances - a standard set that is used in the manufacture of medicines. Its varieties depend on the form in which the drug will be released, whether it is a pill, gel or suspension.

Tablets are usually sealed in blisters of 10pieces and packaged in cardboard packages. In each package there can be from one to ten blisters. Suspension, goes on sale bottled in vials of darkened glass, each of which is equipped with a dosage cap and packed in a cardboard box.

Each package of the drug "Nyz" instructions for use necessarily accompanies.

Characteristics of the drug "Naise" can be given aspositive, and negative. One of the main positive aspects, of course, is its effectiveness. The drug perfectly anesthetizes in a very short time. However, numerous side effects warn against the use of the drug for no serious reason.

For example, the "Naise" syrup instruction warns ofthat the preparation can be used as an antipyretic agent for children only in exceptional cases, because its side effects can cause serious damage to the child's body.


  • Child age is up to two years.
  • Renal and heart failure, as well as impaired hepatic function.
  • Hypersensitivity to Nimesulide.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Ulcerative diseases of the digestive tract.
  • Disrupted blood coagulability.
  • The presence of bleeding.
  • Diabetes.

Side effects:

  • GI: irritation of the mucosa, diarrhea.
  • CNS: drowsiness, dizziness, a state of oppression.
  • Reduced blood clotting.
  • Allergic reactions.

The drug is indicated for use in the following cases:

  • Various pain syndromes.
  • Fever that occurs with infectious inflammatory diseases, which is accompanied by a temperature of more than 38.5 degrees.
  • Inflammation of ligaments and joints.

The method of application and dose of the preparation "Naise" instructions for use describes in detail. And special attention is paid to taking the drug by children.

So, for children under two years old the drug should be usedfor treatment is prohibited. Suspension, as well as soluble tablets, are allowed for children from two to twelve years of age. Beginning at the age of twelve, regular tablets may be prescribed.

"Naise" suspension instruction also contains allthe necessary instructions for dosage and the number of medications for small patients, since the consequences of an overdose of this drug are serious enough.

Its symptoms are directly dependent on the excessmedicines and how quickly the measures were taken. The first signs of an overdose are similar to the symptoms of poisoning. Then, with the development of oppression of consciousness, there is a danger of coma. Other consequences of overdose can be no less dangerous lesions of the digestive tract. The victim should immediately wash the stomach and hospitalize.

As special indications for the preparation "Nyz"the application instruction recommends that people who are involved in driving vehicles, as well as working with complex mechanisms, exercise caution in using it, as it is capable of provoking dizziness and drowsiness.