For the treatment of a wide variety of diseasesToday, there is a wide selection of drugs of various forms of release, which in this case have no less significance than the substances that enter into them. Thus, vaginal anti-inflammatory suppositories from other drugs differ in composition, as well as in a form that is convenient for use. It affects the impact on the body - general or local. Often, the same medicines are available in different formats. These are soft preparations (ointments, suppositories), liquid (solutions), solid (tablets), gaseous (sprays). For direct injection into the body cavity, there is a special dosage form - vaginal anti-inflammatory suppositories. They are presented in an egg-shaped or spherical form, flat or rounded at the ends, which allows a painless and convenient injection of the product into the vagina. Candles in their composition usually contain the active ingredient, medical gelatin, water and glycerin.

vaginal anti-inflammatory suppositories


Vaginal suppositories are mainly used fortreatment of inflammatory processes that occur due to viral, bacterial and fungal infections. The base, after entering the vagina, dissolves, fights the problem, and then is eliminated from the body. High efficacy have funds with betadine, hexicon and pimafucin. Also, anti-inflammatory vaginal suppositories are used as local contraceptives. They have a harmful effect on sperm, while providing antiseptic effect. But it is worth considering that, like any other drugs, anti-inflammatory vaginal suppositories have both curative and side effects. Therefore, they should be used only after consulting a doctor.

 anti-inflammatory vaginal suppositories


Vaginal anti-inflammatory suppositories,containing hexicon are used for medicinal purposes and have an excellent preventive effect aimed at infectious diseases that are sexually transmitted. Preparations with pimafucin are intended for getting rid of fungal diseases. Thanks to their application, you can achieve a quick effect. It is also allowed to use in high doses, since this agent has no toxic properties. Vaginal anti-inflammatory suppositories containing betadine have an excellent bactericidal effect and relieve the immediate source of the disease. The iodine entering into the composition penetrates into the cells-pathogens and destroys fungi, viruses and bacteria.

anti-inflammatory vaginal suppositories

Indications for use

Due to its rapid impact, candlesare often used in the complex treatment of uterine fibroids, candidiasis, inflammatory processes in the vagina and dysbiosis. Main indications for use:

- violation of reproductive function;

- failure of the menstrual cycle;

- presence of persistent pain syndrome;

- violation of sexual function;

- chronic disease of the pelvic organs;

- inflammatory processes in the uterus, vagina;

- protection of the mucous membrane from infections;

- dryness in the vagina due to menopause or hormonal disorders.