The medicine "Sonizin" is available in encapsulatedform with modified release of the active ingredient. The active substance in the agent is tamsulosin hydrochloride. The drug is included in the group of alpha-blockers. The drug has a competitive and selective blocking effect on alpha1A-adrenergic receptors present in smooth muscles of the prostatic site of the urethra, cervix in the bladder, prostate gland.

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Due to its action, the tone is lowered,the activity of detrusor improves, the manifestations of irritation and obstruction caused by the development of prostatic hyperplasia decrease. The therapeutic result is usually noted by the second week of admission. In some cases, the "Sonizin" (patient feedback testifies this) reduces symptoms after the first use. The medication does not provoke a clinically significant decrease in pressure both at normal rates and at elevated ones. After taking the active ingredient is subjected to a rapid and almost complete absorption. Bioavailability of the agent is of the order of 100%. Six hours after taking 400 μg, the maximum concentration of the drug is noted. Biotransformation occurs in the liver cells slowly enough, excretion is carried out by the kidneys.


Means "Sonizin" instruction for use recommends the treatment of diuretic disorders caused by hyperplasia of the benign prostate.


Do not administer medication with intolerancecomponents. Caution is manifested in the presence of arterial hypotension, insufficiency of hepatic or renal function of a chronic nature (in severe course in particular).

Dosing regimen

"Sonizin" tool instructions for userecommends a capsule a day after meals. It is advisable to drink the medicine at the same time. It is forbidden to separate, crush or chew the capsules, in order to avoid disturbances in the prolonged release of the active ingredient.

Side effects

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To undesirable consequences of taking a medicine"Sonizin" instructions for use include sleep disorders, retrograde ejaculation, headaches, orthostatic hypotension. The drug provokes dizziness, decreased libido, asthenia, tenderness in the chest and back, rhinitis, vomiting, palpitations, angioedema. On the basis of therapy, constipation or diarrhea, tachycardia, itching, rash, tachycardia are likely.

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In practice, cases of poisoning by the agent are not described. Theoretically, the development of acute hypotension, tachycardia of the compensatory type is probable. To restore pressure, the patient needs to take a horizontal position. Cardiotropic therapy is recommended. In a state of overdose with the medication Sonizin (instruction for use indicates this), renal function control is necessary, general supportive treatment is indicated in accordance with the symptoms. In severe cases, vasoconstrictive drugs are introduced, bulk-replacing solutions.