The drug "Neo-Penotran" (candles) is used in gynecology. The drug includes miconazole nitrate and metronidazole.

Medication "Neo-Penotran" (candles) instructionrecommends for local treatment of bacterial vaginosis, trichomonas vulvovaginitis, vaginal candidiasis, and vaginal infections of mixed type.

Suppositories are contraindicated in severedisorders of the hepatic function, pathologies of the nervous system (peripheral and central), hypersensitivity, disorders of hemopoiesis (hematopoiesis). Medication "Neo-Pentotran" (candles) instruction does not allow for the appointment of pregnant women (in the first trimester), girls under fourteen, as well as virgins.

Suppositories must be administered deepvagina. The introduction is carried out with the help of special fingertips (disposable). The drug "Neo-Pentotran" (candles) recommends the use once a day. Duration of therapy from seven to fourteen days.

With relapsing or resistant to other medicines, vaginitis is recommended to be administered by suppository in the morning and in the evening. The duration of the application is two weeks.

Use the drug "Neo-Penotran" (candles)the instruction during gestation does not prohibit (except the first trimester). However, the appointment should take into account the ratio of expected benefits to pregnant women and the potential hazard to the fetus.

During the therapy, lactation should be stopped. Resume breastfeeding is allowed after two or four days after the introduction of the last suppository.

The use of the drug may provoke a number ofundesirable reactions. Side effects include irritation in the vagina, itching, burning. Due to the fact that vaginitis is accompanied by inflammatory processes, irritation may increase after the application of the first suppository or on the third day of therapy. As practice shows, these unpleasant symptoms are eliminated after the drug is withdrawn. With severe irritation, therapy should be discontinued.

When using suppositories "Neo-Pentotran", abdominal pain, dry mouth or smack of metal, vomiting, deterioration of appetite, diarrhea or constipation are possible.

In some cases, cramps are likely,peripheral nephropathy (against prolonged use of the drug), psychoemotional disorders, dizziness, motor disorders, headache.

Probable skin rashes, itching.

It should be noted that the "Neo-Pentotran"(candles) (reviews of many patients indicate this) is well tolerated. These negative reactions are extremely rare. Many women prefer the drug "Neo-Pentotran Forte" (candles). The instruction does not indicate any significant differences between the preparations.

Drug Interactions

Medication "Neo-Penotran" when interacting with alcohol provokes disulfiram-like reactions.

Active components of suppositories can enhance the effect of indirect anticoagulants.

When using the drug "Phenytoin" at the same timewith the drug "Neo-Penotran" the level of the first in the blood rises, while the content of metronidazole (the active component of vaginal suppositories) decreases.

With simultaneous use with the drug "Disulfiram", changes in the nervous system (psychotic states) can develop.

The drug "Cimetidine" helps increase the concentration in the blood of metronidazole. This increases the likelihood of neurological side effects.

Means "Neo-pentotrans" increases the toxicity of lithium.

When using suppositories of vaginal concurrent with the drugs "Terfenadin" and "Astemizol", the concentration of the latter in the blood increases.

Before using Neo-Penotran, you should read the annotation and consult a doctor.