The medicine Espumizan (instruction for use informs) is shown for use in the following cases:

- with flatulence (bloating, resulting from the accumulation of large amounts of free gas), including in patients in the post-operation period;

- in order to prepare for an operational interventionor / and to diagnostic manipulations in the abdominal cavity, since the drug in question improves the contrast of the intestine, contributes to its fuller irrigation by means of a contrast medium, and also prevents possible image distortion;

- in case of colic and flatulence in infants;

- for the treatment of aerophagia, dyspepsia, Remkheld syndrome;

- for severe poisoning with detergents (acts as a "defoamer");

- as an additional component in the preparation of special suspensions to achieve a double contrast image.

The active ingredient is simethicone, the auxiliary ones are the dyes E110 and E104, glycerin and paraoxybenzoate of methylium.

As mentioned above, Espumizanthe instructions for use refer to the type of so-called "defoamers", which help to reduce the surface tension of the bubbles, which leads to their decay. The gas released as a result of this is freely absorbed by the nearby tissues (intestinal walls, in particular) or freely leaves the body through intestinal motility. The above mentioned qualities of the medicament under consideration make it possible to use it effectively to eliminate bloating and also to reduce the volume of free gas in the intestine.

Pharmaceutical means "Espumizan". Instructions for use and recommended dosages

The drug is intended for oral administration. It is advisable to take it during or immediately after meals (if necessary, use the medication before going to bed).

Adults (with flatulence) shows a reception of eighty milligrams at a time, which is two teaspoons.

For children from six to fourteen years, a single dose can be from forty to eighty milligrams (or one or two capsules).

Patients younger than six years of age are prescribed a drugEspumizan is an emulsion. A medication in this form of forty milligrams at a time gives babies with food (breast milk, a mixture) or diluted in a small amount of any liquid after a meal.

It was found that in most cases it is sufficient to use only one dose of Espumizan.

Instruction for use informs that forpreparation for operations and diagnosis, the regimen of the drug is determined by the attending physician. The average volume is, as a rule, eighty milligrams three times a day a day before the procedure. On the day it is held in the morning take 80 milligrams of medication.

In case of poisoning by synthetic detergentsmeans this drug in the form of an emulsion is prescribed to adults to fifty-one hundred milligrams, and children - ten to fifty milligrams. The optimal dosage is determined individually, it depends on the severity of the poisoning.

Pharmaceutical preparation "Espumizan". Contraindications

The medicament in question is not assigned with increased susceptibility to the components that make up its composition.

Against the background of taking the drug may manifest allergic reactions (very rare).

This medicine is not forbidden to apply during the period of expectation of the child and lactation.

There have been no cases of overdose in medical practice.

Shelf life of the drug is thirty-six months.