"Natalside" - a drug that is used intherapy of anus fractures, chronic hemorrhoids complicated by bleeding, proctosigmoiditis, inflammation of the rectum, which develop after surgical interventions on it. The main form of release - rectal suppositories.

The drug "Natalside" (candles). Instruction: composition, pharmacological properties

The drug contains sodium alginate, which is an active substance. Auxiliary component: Witepsol.

The active substance is a naturalpolysaccharide, which is obtained from seaweed. One of its components is hyaluronic acid, which is an integral part of glycosaminoglycan substances that participate in the regulation of cellular activity (proliferative activity). This ensures the reparative action of the active substance. Candles have the property of swelling, while creating an enveloping effect against the walls of the intestine. The drug helps to reduce the intensity of pathological reflexes (painful). Sodium alginate reduces the excessive peristalsis of the intestinal parts, which normalizes the stool. The drug reduces the polymerization time of the fibrin monomer, which provides a haemostatic effect.

The active substance stimulates the production ofImmunoglobulin class A, which provide local specific protection. This leads to an increase in the resistance of the mucous membranes of the intestine to the action of many microbes.

Medicinal product "Natalside" (candles). Instruction: How to use, dosage

The main way of using the drug is rectal. The suppository should be inserted into the rectum after bowel movement (spontaneous) or by performing a cleansing enema. It must be moistened with water beforehand. Recommended dosage: one candle twice a day. The average treatment period is two weeks. It can vary depending on the severity of the disease.

The drug "Natalside" (candles). Instruction: side effects, contraindications, drug interactions

When using a medicinal product,the appearance of allergic reactions. In the presence of hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, its use is prohibited. There are no data on drug interactions with other pharmacological groups.

The drug "Natalside" (candles). Instruction: special instructions, overdose

Use of the drug in children is permissible afterconsultation with a pediatrician. Application in periods of lactation, pregnancy is allowed only on indications. Candles from hemorrhoids "Natalsid" do not influence the ability to drive vehicles, dangerous mechanisms. To date, cases of overdose have not been documented.

The preparation should be stored at temperatures,which do not exceed +20 C; in places that have a low level of humidity. Shelf life - two years. After the expiration of this period, use of the drug is prohibited, as it loses its pharmacological properties and increases the risk of toxic effects.

The drug "Natalside" (candles), patient reviewsthis is confirmed, is the most effective means of treating hemorrhoids, anus cracks. This can be explained by its pharmacological properties, rapid action, the absence of significant side effects. The drug does not cause symptoms of overdose, does not interact with drugs from other pharmacological groups, has a relatively low cost and is freely available in pharmacies.