Salads for weight loss from vegetables - the most faithfulway to get rid of extra pounds. After all, no one will deny that during weight loss the body must continue to receive the necessary amount of minerals and vitamins. Otherwise, there may be a malfunction in the work of various bodies and the unforeseen serious consequences for human health as a whole.

It often happens that withstood the debilitatingthe diet person will soon recruit kilograms. He begins to look for and try other diets, but each time he returns to the previous weight. Is there really no way out and need to starve yourself for the rest of your life?

In fact, everything is much simpler, necessaryto revise their diet and increase the share of vegetables and fruits in it. Cellulose, their main constituent, is able to improve digestion, and at the same time provides a feeling of satiety for a long time. Another useful property of cellulose is the ability to absorb the fats that come with food and this interferes with their assimilation. It is on this principle that salads for weight loss work. They are very useful from all points of view, because in addition to fiber they contain a lot of vitamins and micro- and macro elements, necessary for the human body. Salads for weight loss can be an independent dish, and can be preceded by breakfast or lunch. And if you eat salad every time before taking basic food, then everything else you can eat is much less.

Salad slimming from raw vegetables moreeffective than from boiled. Nutritionists recommend to prepare salads from grated carrots, celery, cabbage, Bulgarian pepper, onions. Useful ingredients are legumes. As for cucumbers, the main component of which is water, they are not a nutritious product and do not give a sense of satiety, but as an additional ingredient in salads are very useful. Potatoes are very high-calorie vegetables and slimming salads better cook without it. Caloric is also beet, but it should be included in salads, since it is very useful for the stomach and intestines. In a salad for weight loss you can add a large amount of various greens, it will saturate it with vitamins.

Vegetables are the basis of salad, but in ityou can add other products. It can be boiled eggs, mushrooms, low-fat cheese, olives, nuts. In this case, it is always necessary to know the measure. Egg can be added to the slimming salad only one, and in order to reduce caloric intake it is recommended to use only protein. Nuts and olives, too, are very high-calorie ingredients, so they need to be added in small amounts. To enrich the salad with protein, you can add to the salad pieces of boiled chicken fillet or fish.

Serving salads is very important. Do not fill them with mayonnaise or sour cream, since low-calorie salads then turn into high-calorie salads, and they can not be called salads for weight loss. Perfect refueling is considered vinegar or low-fat unsweetened yogurt. It is allowed to fill salads with vegetable oil, especially those in which carrots are available, since the useful substance carotene contained therein is fat-soluble.

Today, one of the most popular vegetablesalads is the "Brush" salad for weight loss. The name speaks for itself, this salad perfectly cleanses the intestines from harmful substances, normalizes its functions and, as a result, along with this, there is a loss of extra pounds. The simplest salad "Brushka" for weight loss is prepared from cabbage, red beets and carrots in equal parts, and also dill, parsley and green onions are added to it. It should beet and carrots grate, and cut cabbage and greens and mix all the ingredients. It is recommended to fill this salad with lemon juice, and then put it in the refrigerator for 5-10 minutes, then add a couple of drops of olive oil and eat.

Regular use of salad-brushes, as however, and other salads normalizes the work of the intestines and contributes to the loss of excess weight.