Boric acid is referred to as disinfecting, antiseptic medicinal products.

Boric acid: instructions and therapeutic action

The medicine creates an antiseptic effect,affecting the mucous membranes and skin. Locally, the drug is good for pediculosis. In addition, the solution is used in the treatment of otitis, injecting into the ear.

boric acid
The medicine quickly penetrates the body through the skinor mucous, especially when assigned to children. Boric acid, the instruction indicates, is capable of accumulating in tissues and organs, and is excreted slowly from the body. Today is not as widely used as before. Boric acid is produced in the form of powder in bags and alcohol solution.

Boric acid: instructions and indications for use

The main purposes of the medicine are otitis (ear inflammation), dermatitis (skin inflammation), conjunctivitis (lesions of the mucous eye).

Boric acid: instructions for use

The drug is intended for adult therapypatients. To wash the conjunctival bag, an aqueous solution of 2% is prescribed. With dermatitis and wet eczema, use an aqueous 3% solution, producing lotions on the affected areas. When otitis enter boric acid in the ear. The instruction indicates that if the ear is inflamed, an alcohol solution of various concentrations should be used, which is moistened with gauze swabs and then injected into the ear cavity. With the help of an alcohol solution, the skin is treated with pyoderma, diaper rash, eczema. Powder is used after the surgery on the middle ear.

boric acid instructions for use
At the same time, it is blown into the auricle with a special device. Glycerin boric acid solution is used for diaper rash, with colpitis. With the help of the drug, pediculosis is treated.

Boric acid: instruction and side effect

Negative reactions develop in the first placebecause of prolonged use of the drug. Side effects include oliguria, slimming of the epithelium, convulsions, skin rash, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting. With individual intolerance, shock states can develop.


Boric acid is contraindicated in pregnancy, individual intolerance, in childhood, in patients with impaired renal function.

boric acid in the ear instruction
During the lactation period, the use of a medicament for treating the mammary glands is unacceptable. Do not apply the drug to large areas of mucous membranes and skin.


With excessive use, there are signsacute poisoning. The patient is diarrhea, vomiting, nausea. There is a depression of the nervous system and blood circulation, lower body temperature, coma and shock, erythematous rash, and, if you do not take urgent measures, there may be a fatal outcome. With prolonged use, the symptoms of chronic intoxication are manifested by exhaustion, stomatitis, eczema, local edema of tissues, menstrual irregularities, alopecia, convulsions, anemia. Therapy is carried out for the detected symptoms. In some cases, peritoneal dialysis or blood transfusion is performed.