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The drug "Korilip" (candles) is a combinedrestorative means. In the composition of the medicine there are vitamins and coenzymes. Carboxylase hydrochloride takes part in carbohydrate metabolism. The component contributes to the normalization of the state in case of cellular hypoxia, metabolic acidosis, liver failure. It is noted that it has beneficial effects in cardiovascular system disorders. The substance neutralizes the action of toxins. Vitamin B2 participates in the correction of oxidative reduction reactions, metabolic processes. Riboflavin also performs important tasks in the synthesis of hemoglobin, helps maintain a stable visual function, the normal state of the mucous membranes, the skin. Lipoic acid has hepatoprotective activity. This component improves the detoxification properties of the liver, protects against endo- and exotoxins.


The preparation "Korilip" (candles) for children is shown. The feedback from specialists is very positive regarding the use of the drug during the development of new functions of the child's organism and during active growth. "Corilip" (candles) helps to stabilize tissue metabolism at various pathological and physiological conditions. Recommended remedy for somatic pathologies, viral and bacterial infections. A medication is prescribed against a background of chronic intoxications, in conditions after severe diseases. The drug "Corilip" (candles) is shown with reduced immunity, tissue hypoxia (chronic), eating disorders. Effective drug with intense mental and physical stress, stress. In the epidemiological period, the drug is recommended as a general restorative preventive.

korilip candles for children reviews

Means "Corilip" (candles). Instructions. Reviews

The drug is intended for rectalapplication. The suppository is inserted after emptying into the rectum. For newborns and infants, the dosage is 0.5 suppositories per day, for patients from 1 year to 6 years of age - 1 per day, from 6 to 14 - 1-2 units per day. Duration of the course is 10 days. Experts recommend that therapy be administered 3-4 times with a break of 20 days. The agent can be used as a mono drug or as part of a combination treatment. Parental feedback attests to the high effectiveness and safety of the facility while respecting all recommendations.

Side effects

The agent rarely causes undesirable effects in the form of allergies, dyspepsia, bronchospasm, pruritus or urticaria. With the development of side effects, the use of the drug is stopped and consulted by the doctor.

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The drug "Corilip" (candles) is not recommended for rectal bleeding, hypersensitivity, proctitis.

additional information

In addition to improving the clinical picture,in accordance with which the duration of therapy is established, are the cytochemical indices of the activity of peripheral blood leukocyte enzymes. In practice, there are no cases of overdose.