Buying a home is always a joyful occasion. The main thing in this business is not to pay paramount attention to the appearance of the structure and to understand all the subtleties in order not to regret buying expensive. What should I look for when buying a house? What secrets exist and is it compulsory to involve a specialist in assessing the state of the acquired property?

what to look for when buying a house

What should you pay attention to first?

When only a person decided to buy separatelystanding housing, he immediately appears a lot of questions. And then it does not matter what kind of deal will be made: the purchase of a stone structure or the purchase of a wooden house. What should you pay attention first?

Experts first recommend definingthe purpose for which this property will be acquired. It can be an ordinary country house, in which the hosts will spend only a few days a week in the summer, and maybe a house in which the family will live permanently. Naturally, the requirements for these buildings vary greatly.

If the buyer is looking for a home for housing, then verythe location of the building is important. It is necessary to take into account the distance from the city to the house, the availability of infrastructure, gasification. By the way, the presence or absence of these nuances affects the value of the property.

And if you buy a country house? What to look for in this case?

Well, if the structure is located somewhere near the forest and pond. Then the future owners are guaranteed fresh air and always clean water.

pay attention when buying a private house

Things worth considering

When new housing is acquired, buyers immediatelythey suggest a small cosmetic repair "for themselves." But at this point you can save a lot. For this, you need to pay attention when buying a private house for the quality of the roof and the ceiling of wood. After the replacement of boards or tiles will significantly empty the purses of future owners.

It is not recommended to buy a property thatis located in close proximity to industrial facilities or harmful production. Emissions are harmful to health. Their presence can be overlooked in windy weather, but when it's calm in the street, it will be impossible to stay in the house.

Also strongly recommended before purchasecommunicate with neighbors. They will tell the pros and cons of living in the area, and, perhaps, they will tell you some facts about the acquired property that the seller wants to hide.

buying a house on pay attention to documents

Checking the house on your own

Many buyers when buying a private houselook at the design of the building, architecture, location and other less important factors. This is the biggest mistake made by future owners. And if you buy an unfinished house? What should I look for in this case?

In fact, checking the completed and unfinished building is not significant. It is important to pay attention to the technical side of the structure and the state of its communications. It is necessary to look:

  • it's easy and noiseless to open windows and doors in the house;
  • Is the wiring, heating and water supply system in good condition?
  • If a boiler is installed in the house, you can ask the seller for a document in which there are notes on the maintenance;
  • how equal the walls and the floor, and also whether the creaks are covered;
  • sewerage. If the sewer is not central, and the house has only a cesspool, then its walls must necessarily be lined with brick.

Attraction for examination by a specialist

After the future owner of the houseindependently estimated the condition of the building and was interested in buying, it's time to resort to the help of a specialist. He knows exactly what to look for when buying a house. Do not be afraid of the high cost of the examination, because the reworking of rotten ceilings, roofs, walls and floors will cost much more than a compiled conclusion.

To assess the condition of the house, specialists usevarious instruments, for example, thermal imagers, and already based on the measurements make up the conclusion. In conclusion, the level of humidity in the room, the condition of the floors, the condition of the heating system, water supply, ventilation and other conditions should be indicated.

buying a wooden house on what to pay attention to

Paper that you need to check when buying a house

Check the condition of the building itself - notthe only important detail when the transaction is made. What else do you need to look at when buying a house: pay attention to the documents that the seller provides and on the correctness of their compilation.

It is necessary to look:

  • building permit;
  • certificate not only on real estate, but also on the plot;
  • a certificate of the number of people registered in the house;
  • if the house is in a share, then you need to pay attention to the availability of permission to sell the co-owner;
  • Act that gives the right to operate the premises.

It is worth noting that recently there has been athere are a lot of fraudulent actions in such transactions. To completely protect yourself from possible problems, and to save your money, it is better to seek help from a lawyer.

buying a country house on what to pay attention to

Documents to be provided by the buyer

The package of securities from the seller is not the only necessary documents. What to look for when buying a house yet?

To make the deal "clean", the buyer must also collect all the necessary documentation, namely:

  • the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation which validity should not be expired;
  • their INN and TIN of those persons who are also going to participate in the transaction (co-owners);
  • if the buyer has a spouse or spouse, then you need to provide a copy of the certificate of marriage.

It is advisable to hire a lawyer for the entire procedure of buying a property, which will ensure that the transaction is legal.

buying an unfinished house on what to pay attention to

Possible pitfalls

Sellers of houses, and especially realtors, knowa lot of tricks with which you can deceive an inexperienced buyer. Their goal is to sell more and get the maximum profit. What should I pay attention to when buying a house so that I can not long regret buying?

So, without fail you need to check:

  • availability of two contracts for sale (separately for the house and separately for the land plot);
  • compare the claimed plot area with the actual;
  • make sure that the previous owners did not do illegal re-planning (a similar paper can be obtained from specialists of the BTI);
  • Make sure that there is no conflict between neighbors about the land that is being sold;
  • Check the project documents for the residential building.

If at least one item has questions for the buyer, then it is recommended to refuse such a transaction.