The Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Moscow is easy to find. This organization is located in the center of the capital of Russia. True, there is only one institution. But there are a lot of consulates in Moscow. What do you need to know about the embassy of Kyrgyzstan in the capital? What days can I apply for this or that help? Where is the said organization? All this will be discussed later. In reality, everything is not so difficult to understand.

embassy of kyrgyzstan in moscow

Network Capability

It is necessary to learn some important information throughEmbassy of Kyrgyzstan in Moscow? The thing is that it is not necessary to personally attend an institution. You can use modern technology and, without leaving home, get answers to all the questions.

What is it about? The embassy of Kyrgyzstan has its own website. On it you can find the section "Internet reception". In accordance with the regime of work of the institution, the population can consult on all issues that concern it through the Internet.

A distinctive feature of the embassy websiteKyrgyzstan is that it is translated into 2 languages ​​- Russian and Kyrgyz. This greatly simplifies the work for foreign citizens. To use the services of the Internet reception, you can go to the address:

Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Moscow: address

To what address can you find the correspondingan institution? Fortunately, the embassy does not have branches and offices. Therefore, his address will be the same. You can find the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan at: Bolshaya Ordynka Street, Building 62, Building 2.

embassy of kyrgyzstan in moscow phone

There is an organization in the Zamoskvorechye district. It is not far from the center of the capital. Therefore, it will not be difficult to find an embassy of interest. The benchmark can be the restaurant "El Assador" or the German consulate in Moscow. It is in this area is located an organization of interest to some citizens.

Operating mode

And how does the embassy of Kyrgyzstan work in Moscow? This question is also important. After all, not always it is possible to apply for help in this or that institution.

Much depends on the purpose for which a person plans to come to the embassy. In general, it works from Monday to Friday inclusive from 9 am to 6 pm. But there are exceptions.

Reception of documents for the decision of any questions is carried out only in the first shift, before a dinner. Accordingly, you can get this service only on weekdays in the period from 9: 00-13: 00.

But the documents can be obtained only after dinner. More precisely, from 4 pm and until the end of the organization. Saturday and Sunday at the embassy are days off. On holidays it is necessary to clarify the mode of work of the organization.


For this you need to know what embassy hasKyrgyzstan in Moscow phone. There are only a few contacts. You can call them only during the work of the consulate. The rest of the time calls are useless.

Immediate embassy numbers:

  • 8 (499) 23-74-8-82;
  • 8 (499) 237-46-07;
  • 8 (495) 951-60-62 (fax).

But you can contact the consular department. It is he who interests the population most often. The number of the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Moscow will then be different. You can choose among:

  • 8 (499) 238-33-04;
  • 8 (499) 23-01-117.

Accordingly, these numbers are offered not only to receive a consultation, but also to make an appointment, clarify the organization's work schedule, and also learn about the readiness of certain documents.

number of the embassy of kyrgyzstan in moscow


Also for communication with the embassy of Kyrgyzstane-mail is used. It is the same at the main and consular departments. It is advisable to contact the relevant address only during the periods of the organization's work. The rest of the time reading letters is not done.

You can write to: [email protected] A good way to file documents electronically or get advice that is not needed urgently.