One of the most important bodies in any state is the Prosecutor's Office. What does this authority do? The answer to this question will be provided in the article.

Prosecutor's Office: General Characteristics

The system of the Prosecutor's Office of Russia is not included in anybranch of power. This is a separate, independent and independent instance. What does the prosecutor's office do? The Constitution of the Russian Federation, as well as the law "On the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation" regulate the following functions:

  • control over the work of law enforcement agencies, as well as bodies fighting crime;
  • prosecution;
  • detection of administrative offenses, their investigation; initiation of relevant cases;
  • international cooperation (exchange of experience with foreign prosecutors, international persecution).

Thus, the most basic functionis the supervision. The prosecutor's office must constantly monitor the order in society. In case of violation, it is necessary to quickly restore the violated rights, as well as to bring certain persons to justice.

History of the Prosecutor's Office

How long has there been such an important and necessarysociety body, like the prosecutor's office? What does this authority do? In order to get the most complete picture, it is necessary to turn to the history of the body in question.

The history of the prosecutor's office dates back toAncient Rome. It should be noted right away that the structure of Roman law is still used almost everywhere in the world, albeit in a highly modified form. Thus, in the Roman state, there were sides to defense and prosecution. It was the prosecution's side that examined the case from all positions, demanding appropriate punishment.

the prosecutor's office does

In medieval Europe, as well as in Russiathere was no accuser. There were hordes, people's courts, "God's will" and many other legal elements. In the Russian Empire, the prosecutor's office was introduced by Peter the Great. This post was dangerous and complex: it was necessary to execute many tsarist decrees, to work with a huge number of accused.

The post of prosecutor in theThe Soviet Union. Thanks to Lenin's outstanding literary work on the Prosecutor's Office ("On Double Subordination and Legality"), the body was formed that has not changed to this day.

Interaction with the legislative power

Quite a lot of dutieshas such an important body as the prosecutor's office. What does this authority in the sphere of interaction with the branches of power do? The federal law prescribes that the prosecutor's office has the right to monitor the implementation of normative acts, as well as to make various amendments and additions to the legal branch. The Russian Prosecutor General has the right to participate in the meetings of the Federal Assembly.

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What does the prosecutor's office in legislativebodies? As a rule, this is reading out reports on the rule of law in the Russian Federation, informing about the work of the prosecutor's office, as well as identifying the main problems. If we talk about feedback, then the Federal Assembly has the right to appeal to the prosecutor's office to resolve a number of issues that fall within its competence.

Lawmaking activity of the Prosecutor's Office can be disclosed as follows:

  • preparation of legal and regulatory acts;
  • the submission of laws to various branches of government;
  • active participation in various projects.

Interaction with the executive power

Interaction is especially importantthe executive branch of power and such body as the prosecutor's office. What does this body do in this case? What is the main line of business here can be distinguished? According to the law, this is the control over the quality performance of the basic norms prescribed in the documents of local and federal authorities. Even more important here is the management of the activities of the prosecutor's office. However, it is worth highlighting the main elements of interaction in slightly more detail:

  • implementation of federal and local programs to combat crime and delinquency;
  • holding meetings and meetings;
  • Elimination of the causes of crime;
  • assistance to different bodies;
  • a qualitative performance analysis

... and some other functions.

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Interaction with the judiciary

What does the Russian prosecutor's office in the regioninteraction with the judiciary? As you know, the prosecutor is a public prosecutor. So, if someone needs his help, the employee of the prosecutor's office is able to independently apply to the courts with a request for participation in the proceedings. In addition, the interaction of the prosecutor's office with the judiciary is determined by the following possibilities of the prosecutor:

  • to file cassations or appeals;
  • assess the act of the accused (after a thorough examination of the case);
  • to challenge the judge's decisions;
  • submit applications to the Constitutional Court;
  • participate in meetings held by the Supreme or Arbitration Courts of the Russian Federation;
  • be guided by questions of an administrative or civil character in judicial Plenums.

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What is the main goal in the interaction of the prosecutor's office with the judiciary? In short, it is the joint elimination of all possible violations, the support of law and order.

Work in the Prosecutor's Office: training

Where you need to get training to getwork in the prosecutor's office? The question is not simple, because prosecutorial activities are incredibly complex, difficult and even dangerous. At the same time, a greater amount of labor time for an employee of the prosecutor's office is a paper red tape. So who is able to take such a position?

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The prosecutor is always a person with a legaleducation. At the same time, it does not matter which sector of the prosecutor's office it works in: military, transport, district, etc. However, it is necessary to take into account the specialties that are worth studying. So, it can be:

  • National security;
  • law enforcement service;
  • jurisprudence

..and so on. You can pass appropriate training in any university in the country where there is a legal direction.

Prosecutor's Offices

The prosecution system is divided into threeseparate specializations: military, transport and environmental protection. What are the functions of prosecutors belonging to these branches? It is worth discussing this further.

what is the prosecutor's office doing

What does the military prosecutor's office do? It is worth highlight the following main functions:

  • Selection, placement and education of cadres.
  • Creation of investigative sites.
  • Appointment of employees in the field

... and other functions, practically no different from the duties of the ordinary prosecutor's office. What does the transport prosecutor's office do? Its main functions are as follows:

  • Check traffic safety on the roads.
  • Involvement of perpetrators from transport organizations.
  • Verification of customs authorities.
  • Interaction with the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate.

What cases does the prosecutor's office in the sphere of nature protection do? There are a lot of functions here, in fact. However, among the main it is worth highlighting:

  • control over compliance with environmental standards;
  • ensuring effective environmental protection;
  • control over enterprises that carry out various kinds of emissions into the atmosphere.

Reviews about the profession

Are the employees of the prosecutor's office satisfied with their work? You need to learn about this from them. For example, some workers say that the main shortcomings in the profession are an irregular schedule, low wages and a large amount of work with documents. This is also confirmed by others: what the prosecutor's office of the district is doing, can only be described in two words: paper red tape.

what does the district prosecutor's office

Are prosecutors positivereviews about their profession? Certainly. So, out of the total number of advantages of working in the prosecutor's office, it is worth highlighting such moments as loyal leadership, a close-knit team, as well as the opportunity to quickly move up the career ladder.

What conclusion can be drawn? The employees of the prosecutor's office leave basically positive responses about their profession. Disadvantages of the work in question are exactly the same as in any other work: low wages and a lot of unnecessary documentation.