India is the pearl of the East. And the best place in India is Goa. The first to understand such a simple thing was the hippies back in the 60s of the last century. It is these romantics and lovers of nature that have discovered the charm of endless beaches with a gentle sun in the boundless azure sky. And after them stretched the entire world elite, and later ordinary tourists who were tired of overcrowded and predictable European resorts. Russian citizens, due to some historical events, discovered this resort not so long ago, but already managed to fall in love with it. And with every year the influx of tourists from our country only increases: travelers massively issue visas to Goa and go in search of new impressions.

visas for goa

Types of visas

Depending on the purpose of the trip, you can draw up different types of visas:

- tourist;

- multiple and single entry;

- transit, with a stay of up to 15 days;

- Student, is issued upon admission to the educational institution of India and the presence of a letter-call;

-special, intended for persons studying the culture of India or coming to different courses;

- business;

- working.

The duration of the permit is different: from 72 hours (short-term transit) to one year. Some types of visas can be extended on site. You can not extend a tourist visa in India.

Visa upon arrival

How much is a visa for Goa on arrival? And how can you get it? First of all, tourists should understand that registration of permission to visit the country is issued after arrival only as an exception. It's not even a visa, but a kind of certificate. The traveler is issued a TLF / TLP form in return for the passport and only if there is a return ticket. It is issued only in the case of a documentary

how much is a visa for goa
confirmed death of a relative in the territoryIndia, transit passengers with short stay and tourist groups (4 people or more) who booked tours through Indian agencies. If such permission is granted, you can not leave the territory of Goa, and the passport is given only on the way back.

They issue a TLF / TLP form in about 1,5-2 hours at the airport and, as a rule, very reluctantly.

What documents are required for obtaining a visa

Visas to Goa are issued at the Embassy of India(Moscow), in consulates (Petersburg and Vladivostok) or the visa center (Yekaterinburg). Citizens residing in other cities can obtain permission through a travel agency (when booking a voucher) or an intermediary firm. Mediators take a commission for their services: 500-3000 rubles.

To obtain a visa, you need the following documents:

1. A passport with at least two free pages.

2. A copy of the passport (first page).

3. The questionnaire. It is filled in English.

4. Two color photos 3,5 × 4,5 cm without ovals and corners, made not earlier than 6 months.

5. In the case of a private visit - an invitation and a copy of the passport of the inviting person, for tourists - a travel agency voucher.

goa-visa for Russians

6. Round-trip air tickets.

7. A copy of the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.

8. For traveling with children, a copy of the birth certificate is required, with translation into English.

9. Media employees, regardless of the purpose of the trip, fill out a special form.

This is an indicative list, to which can be added more documents for different types of visas. In addition, the visa department may require additional information.

Visa on Goa: terms and price

The first thing that interests a person who has passeddocuments for a visa, so this is the time it is received. After all, there are situations when the time is already running out, and the coveted stamp in the passport is not yet. So how much visa is made for Goa?

In principle, the permit is usually issued in a matter of days - 4-5, not more. However, in rare cases, the issuance of delayed days by 14, so you need to submit documents at least two weeks before departure.

The second not less popular question: "How much does a visa for Goa cost?" The price depends on the method of obtaining permission: in the embassy or consulate - 1600 rubles. for execution of documents; intermediaries - the same plus commission for services; in travel agency - 65-75 dollars, visa on arrival - 70 dollars.

visa for Goa price

There is also a fake visa on arrival, when the touristattributed to a non-existent group. It costs 150-200 dollars, plus picking up at the airport. However, this is illegal and involves restrictions in the movement, as well as the risk of a very real criminal punishment.

Reasons for failure

For what reasons can deny a visaon Goa? In fact, the embassy or consulate may not issue an entry permit without explaining the reason, and it is impossible to guess what the visa department employee did not like.

However, there are situations in which a touristalways refuse or with a high degree of probability. For example, there is not enough money in the bank account, a clean passport (very rarely, but the traveler may suspect using a fake document), no medical insurance, no visit purpose, the passport expires in less than six months (direct basis), previous failures (even with elimination of the root cause), and so on.

Visa for Goa dates

Interesting facts: Russian tourists on Goa

How much are our compatriots in Goa? Visa for Russians is more expensive than for tourists from other countries. The only exception is the Romanians: the cost of a visa for citizens of the Russian Federation and citizens of Romania is approximately the same, that is, plus $ 40 to the principal amount for processing a package of documents. For example, Americans pay a total of plus 20, and the Japanese - from plus 1 to 8 dollars for different types of visas.

This unequal position is due to the fact that the authoritiesIndia is unhappy with Russian tourists. Not all, of course, for example, a law-abiding married couple with children and a good bank account will not cause any claims. But loners who come often for last money for dubious entertainments (in India they offer hashish even in hotels), especially unmarried young girls without a profession cause a lot of questions. Visas to Goa such tourists still receive, but at the same time, penalties for violations of the visa regime have become tougher. For example, there have already been cases when Russian citizens received a real prison sentence for an expired permit.

Nevertheless, the authorities of India emphasize that they are always welcome to tourists from Russia, and single unpleasant incidents do not affect the overall picture.