What is OZK (the decoding is indicated in thisarticle), every military man should know. Combined-arms protective suit was developed back in 1984, but is an indispensable protective measure to this day.

A few introductory words

Costume OZK, the meaning of which is indicatedin this article, is considered to be a sufficiently effective protective device that protects the human body from biochemical weapons and radiation dust. In this case, the suit makes it possible to maintain a very high level of mobility of the carrier itself.


For full security, the OZK suit, decodingwhich is indicated in this article, should be worn along with other means of protection. For example, with a gas mask, or other devices that protect the respiratory system.

After reading this article, you can find out what is included in the protective suit kit, as well as how to properly wear it and use it.

Why do I need OZK

The interpretation of this abbreviation is as follows: combined arms protective kit. It is an integrated measure of military protection, helping the person who put it on to protect themselves from radiation and biochemical weapons. This device helps protect the skin and respiratory system, as well as clothing, footwear, weapons and military equipment.

suit ozk decoding

It is very important to wear a suit on time, because this will contribute to greater security and less impact on the human body harmful factors.

Where can I apply the OCC

Deciphering this abbreviation helps to understand the purpose of the costume itself. Most often this device is used in four areas:

- Military operations. OZK is very successfully used to equip the military personnel during operations on a potentially dangerous or dangerous territory.

- Fishing. Very often this costume is used by lovers of fishing and hunters. After all, the product perfectly protects against mosquitoes and bad weather.

- Laboratories, enterprises and plants. The use of OZK (the decoding is indicated in the article) is typical for the equipment of specialists working in these areas. If necessary, the suit will be able to protect workers from the consequences of biological and chemical accidents.


- Militarized games. Costume OZK, the decoding of which indicates the purpose of equipment, is often used by fans of hardball, airsoft and other games.

In addition, this equipment can beUsed for photo sessions, decorating rooms and any other purposes. Costume OZK (decoding - combined arms protective kit) fell in favor of the inhabitants of Russia and other countries, as it is waterproof and durable. However, whatever you do, do not forget that the suit is not tight.

Kit Contents

It is very important to know what is included in this kit. So the OZ consists of:

- Cloak;

- a cover;

- gloves;

- protective stockings;

- Pilots.

Let's consider each element separately.

Cloak is made from specialrubberized material, which protects from the negative impact of the environment. For convenience of storage of things has a small pocket on the sleeve. Each cloak is selected individually for a person's height. At the same time, the weight of the raincoat itself weighs about one and a half kilograms.

dimensions of decoding

The cover is usually made of ordinary fabric without the use of rubber. It is used to store other elements of the kit.

Gloves-leggings have a summer and winter variant. Made of the same material as the raincoat.

Protective stockings must be worn on shoes. Are also made of rubberized material. The size should be selected individually, focusing on the length of the foot. The stockings themselves weigh about a kilogram.

The pilot is an optional component of the kit, but highly desirable. It looks like a hat that protects the ears and neck.

Wearing rules

Combined-arms protective kit (the size of the OZK, the decoding is specified in this article), the military must wear on the following two occasions:

- on their own initiative, provided that signs of contamination of the territory were discovered;

use of decryption

- by the command "GASES!".

During walking, OCMs are usually worn as a cape. When traveling in transport, or when carrying out military operations - like a cloak with sleeves.

Dressing order

Decoding of the OZK is a combined arms protective kit, it is worn according to certain rules, which must be observed without fail:

  1. First of all, they put on stockings over their own shoes. They need to be attached to the belt, while tightly fixing them on the legs.
  2. A cloak is put on. It is thrown together with sleeves, and carefully fastened.
  3. If necessary, wear a gas mask.
  4. Protective cap and hood. The visors and headphones are sent down, and the hood is fixed by the cusp.
  5. Gloves are worn in the last place. Cuffs must be hidden under the sleeves.

Buying a costume

Before buying a suit (complete set OZK,the explanation given in this article), pay attention to the fact that it has the dimensions indicated depending on your growth. The higher the growth, the correspondingly, the larger the size.

In doing so, you need to make sure that the kit you buy does not have a marriage. Pay special attention to the place of joints on the cloak, as well as the presence of all the additional components.


If talc is present on the outer side of the cloak, this indicates that either the product is new or re-processed.

Storage Rules

Do not forget that even the smallest violationthe integrity of any part of the kit can have extremely bad consequences for the wearer of the suit. That is why experts strongly recommend storing a combined defense complex (decoding of the OZK, the scope of application is specified in this article) in a special case, and extract it from there only in cases of extreme necessity.

If the suit has been lying for a long time without use, it is strongly recommended to visually assess its integrity, as well as the operability of all parts.

Also consider the size of the suit. If necessary, replace your kit with another one that is more suitable for you in size.

OCK costume can be used many times. However, after each contact with harmful substances, it must be carefully processed.

Combined-arms protective suit can serveyou are very long, provided that you carefully look after it, and observe all necessary measures for its transpiration and storage. Doing this is not difficult at all, but in the future it can save your life.

OZK is very reliable and universala means of protecting the skin and respiratory tract from exposure to harmful gaseous substances. Learn how to properly wear and store it, and you will not regret that you are the owner of such a beautiful outfit.